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Work in progress

Writers call the story they are currently working on Work In Progress. This is it because take a long time to write a novel and they like to show what they’re working on whether it be at first draft or revision stage.

I think this term can apply to life in general though. There are always changes that can be made, opportunities to discover, things we want to revise from our lives. It’s just not as easy to fix when you’re living it as it can be when you’re writing it.

I spent a lot of time writing this weekend. I wanted to make some final revisions to the book I’ve been submitting to agents. I’ve really changed the opening of the book to make it have more of an impact (hopefully!) thanks to some advice from fellow writers. I actually joined YA Lit Chat, which is a great networking forum for YA writers, and got some help with the opening pages from them as well as a first 3 chapter review from a Facebook friend. As I tore my ms to bits and got excited about the changes I wanted to make, I felt like the past year has been a bit of a work in progress.

What’s exciting is there’s more work to be done. Not only with my writing but with my life in general. There’s room to grow and accomplish goals. As I said, last week there are changes afoot and that is exciting if a little scary.

I may be still a work in progress and my writing may also be a work in a progress but for right now, I wouldn’t have it any other way.




34 thoughts on “Work in progress”

  1. That is so true. I know that I’m going to have to make some grammatical errors to my book (English Grammar was never my strong point at school) but the story is there and all of my feedback that I’ve received so far has been positive!

    What’s more, I’ve just released my official website (julietteburke[dot]wordpress) and, like Yazz and the Population Project sang, “The Only Way Is Up”!


  2. It’s the same with writing songs. Most artists will continue to evolve how a song sounds live long after its been recorded and released in its supposedly ‘final’ form. Sometimes its even rerecorded and rereleased a few years later (David Blair with “Space Oddity” for example).

  3. If we are still here . . . we are a “work in progress.” Glad you’re excited about the changes you’re making. Excitement and enthusiasm are priceless!

  4. Isn’t life always a work in progress. You’re never really done, and that way you’re never really bored. I’m sorry I haven’t popped by much. But I love that you’re progressing with your work. It’s so cool.

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