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Perfect endings

I watched Something Borrowed at the weekend and when it finished, I felt compelled to disagree with its ending on Facebook. Usually I find rom coms thoroughly predictable, which I like because I can root for the couple through the film and feel happy at the end. This one through me a curve ball as the ending I predicted didn’t happen. I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t seen it. I quite liked that the film surprised me and I did enjoy it but I was rooting for something else than what they gave me.

I think endings are hard in books and films. On one hand, you want some suspense element so you can wonder what will happen and maintain your interest but I hate completely curve ball endings that make you wonder why you bothered. It’s a fine line for a creator to balance. Surprise vs. satisfaction. A twist vs. predictability. A make-up-your-own-mind ending vs. everyone and everything is happy.

Plus endings are important. If you pick the wrong one, you can destroy all the good stuff before it. An ending is also the deciding point for the audience / reader on whether they liked or didn’t like it. I still remember how nervous I was reading the last Harry Potter, praying that the ending would satisfy after so many years invested in the series. I still remember watching the last ever Dawson’s Creek with everything crossed for Joey and Pacey. Or the WTF? I wanted to scream at the end of War of the Worlds. I mean, seriously what was that about?!

What endings do you like? What ending made you want to throw your TV / book out the window?



35 thoughts on “Perfect endings”

  1. I know exactly what you mean. At the end of Doubt, I was like: “That’s it? WTF?” but I loved the ending of The Life of David Gale. I think the secret to a good ending is making sure that you pull all the strands together and not having all sorts of things happen that have no significance whatsoever at the end, leaving the audience feeling cheated!

  2. I like there to be a happy ending in rom-coms. Yes, my books are rom-coms and there will be twists and turns but Lola will be consequently happy after the difficulty that she’d encountered throughout her life.

  3. I know what you mean about an ending that you’re not expecting having the ability to ruin everything prior to it. I’m with Lynn, City of Angels is one of my faves and that ending ticked me off. The same thing with another fave, Nights in Rodanthe. I mean wth, at the end Diane Lane walks to the edge of the pier and smiles up at the sky because she was grateful ‘it all happened’? Even so, I tend to watch certain movies like these over and over. I blame it all on the true ‘romantic’ in us. 🙂

    1. All films based on Nicholas Sparks books have a death in them but some are at least uplifting, I love A Walk to Remember and The Last Song has a good ending. Nights in Rodanthe is my least favourite of them, it just wasn’t believable! I’m a hopeless romantic too and I always cry 🙂

  4. I watched a film called New York I Love You. It was supposed to be really arty but I just didn’t get it at all, it was just boring. But I held on to the very end thinking it might have some interesting ending, but it didn’t, it just stopped. I was so annoyed haha!
    I was so nervous reading the last Harry Potter book too! But it turned out okay in the end, phew 😉

  5. I don’t mind the curve ball as long as when I look back I can see the set-up. If it is like Mission Impossible whose ending always came from left-field starting with the TV show, then I find it hard to swallow..
    Great post!

  6. Endings can me feeling…blech! I agree with Bonnie on City of Angels and Nights in Rodanthe. I liked the movies but the endings were not what I’d hoped for.

    Btw, thanks for following my blog and I know I’ll enjoy following yours. 🙂

  7. Rom-coms do have the most predictable endings but if the rest of the movie isn’t clichéd I usually like them because I can trust that there’ll be a happy ending.

    You know I can’t think of any books/movies that have recently peeved me off with their “bad” ending? But there have been plenty and I hate it when I think “what was the point?” I don’t like it when anyone dies but unwittingly, it does make the ending better — cue Harry Potter — but when too many people that die/lose/break up/etc … *throws book/TV out of window*

    1. I agree, you can watch them feeling safe that it’ll all work out in the end. If only true in life!!

      Haha I don’t mind if the death serves a purpose but it’s still sad especially if it was the cute guy e.g. Remember Me 🙂

  8. I think the ending for Year One was pretty awesome. Without giving it away, Jack Black had a chance to be the emperor, but declined. Or maybe I was just glad it was over lol:)

  9. I hate when it’s a sad ending and I’m not at all expecting it. It just throws me for a loop. There are a few TV shows that have made me so annoyed by this, or they just threw some ending together that made no sense and you were like WTH? Ahhh, it’s good to vent.

  10. I also liked the ending of Something Borrowed! I don’t mind when they throw curveballs, but I do hate when the movie ends randomly on an ambiguous note or when I have more questions than answers!

  11. Did you watch the Sopranos? Man, that ending is mixed for me. On one hand I want to know what happens, but in a way, it keeps people talking about it. Did he get hit, or not?

    My first novel has a happy ending, but it’s a kids book, and therefore should. My second book will have a more “I want to know what happens next” ending. At least that’s what I’m going for.

  12. I hate artificially happy endings, when everything is wrapped up neatly with a little bow on top. But I hate the opposite extreme, too, when we are left with something unnecessarily tragic. I’d like it to be realistic, but also show us something good that has come out of the character’s experience or that is soon to come after.

    I guess I am very picky when it comes to endings.

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