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Love at first sight

On Saturday, in between writing, I started and finished reading the book “The statistical improbability of love at first sight” by Jennifer E Smith. The new YA romance was a quick read, which is how I managed this. It tells the story of a boy and girl who meet at the airport and spend 24 hours together.

Writing about romance is tricky because you want it to be dramatic and swoon worthy but have some reality to it. Although it’s hard  to believe in books or movies when people fall in love in like an hour, I liked the fact the book is over 24 hours and they spend a lot of that time together. It’s fast but it kept me believing. I do like romance so books and movies can quite easily sweep me up with them, leaving the time factor behind.

I’m actually more skeptical when it comes to real life. I just don’t trust the love at first sight notion. I think it makes people turn away from relationships because there’s no instant epic love story, people don’t want to take the time to know each other. Celebrities are to blame with this too. How often does a celeb couple rush into marriage and then break it all off less than a year later? What’s the rush? True love should be given time blossom and be cherished.

This post will no doubt haunt me in the future when I tell you all I’m getting married after 6 weeks or something crazy like that 🙂

Do you think love at first sight exists?



40 thoughts on “Love at first sight”

  1. I’ve heard a little bit about this book. Sounds interesting. I don’t believe in LOVE at first sight. Maybe lust or “interest”, but it can turn into love, I think. I view love more as a choice than a feeling, actually. Because it’s amazing, intoxicating, yet difficult sometimes and it takes a lot of work to nurture. 🙂

  2. This got me thinking about kim kardashian and chris humphries. My notion of two people falling in love is best explained by two blind people. They can’t see each other but they build up feelings for each other because of the unseen. This does not happen instantly therefore that’s I don’t believe in love at first sight.

  3. I think that the truth for me is that I desperately want the idea of love at first sight to exist in our world, but I don’t actually believe it does. Kind of like magic, I’ve grown out of believing in it.

  4. I’m a true romantic at heart and I’m still lushing over two TV presenters whom I started to fancy over 20 years’ ago!!!

    Oh and I’ve never had a relationship and I’ll only date Scottish men over 42 who earn over £50/55k… which is why I’m probably always going to be single… *le sigh*

  5. This sounds like a cool book, I might just have to read it for myself 🙂
    I don’t believe in love at first sight at all, how could you possibly fall completely in love with someone when you know almost nothing about them? I definitely agree that there’s lust at first sight, but I think too often the terms get meshed together. You may love someone’s looks at first sight, you may love the IDEA of that someone at first sight, but I don’t believe that anyone could fall in love at first sight. Call me synical 😛
    That being said, I always enjoy reading stuff around the concept, or watching films like Serendipity 🙂

  6. I don’t believe in love at first sight… I think it’s mainly lust at first sight, since you’re seeing the person physically and you don’t know their personality. But I do think that love can grow very quickly… and it’s hard to keep logic in there to stop the emotional stuff from getting too crazy.

  7. Maybe love at first sight exists . . . if we’ve known each other in a prior lifetime and we intuitively sense that connection.

    More often, what is billed as “love at first sight” is pheromones that are compatible ~ for a “love story” to interest me, I need to see how they click in conversation, interests, life philosophy, etc.. 😉

    And 24 hours is definitely long enough for that.

  8. Fast reader you are 🙂

    I just finished “All these things I’ve done” by Gabrielle Zevin…interesting and worthy read, YA.

    I don’t know much about love 🙂 I am actually intimidated to try and write YA because it seems as though romance is needed…and I don’t know if I can write about it to be honest…like I feel I wouldn’t be able to articulate it or portray it well enough because it is not something I’m close to or passionate about or even familair with 🙂 I know YA does not demand that, …but you’d be hard-pressed to find a YA book that does not run a romance through it.

      1. Hey vix…question…you never studied writing in university right?…do you semi-enjoy your job now? is it mundane office stuff? tolerable? an interest? a standard 8-5 drill?

        I’m considering possibilities…i have 2 degrees but just can’t work in them any longer…so writing is my passion..but obviously the old saying “don’t quit your day job” applies here because I’m over 30 years old and just finding this passion…so, I’m hoping to find something i can do (cause i can’t work in my current trade any longer)…

        my options at the moment:

        1) consider maybe an online accounting or business type of certificiate that would likely set me up for some kind of office job (a lot less pay than my university trades, but tolerable…but nOT a passion…and a standard office 8-4 i assumme….but would at least help pay bills and debt

        2) institute of integrative nutrition…i have a true interest and passion in nutrition adn wellness..and this would certify one as a health stuff again…but would require me marketing myself up more and immersing myself into that kind of field…so “out there” and different from writing…i almost fear it might be too consuming and knock me from my writing path…

        3) technical writing (?)…but i don’t know if that is even leading to jobs…or if doing that kind of thing all day would turn me off completely from writing creatively later (i think it might be “too much overload” maybe)

        4) go back to university to complete dietetics degree maybe….3 years + and loads of debt…and not sure about that…or go back to complete a teaching degree, …but…

        5) ideally i’d like to work from home…writing…magazine stuff….blog fulltime 🙂 that would be awesome!! journalism, freelance…but those are hard -to -come by thing…and i need stability so i can calm freaking down about money and worry and then relax to write…

        ugh…thoughts? I honest would value your true thoughts…and more on your situation? thanks!

      2. Ha my post today may answer some of your questions about my situation! It sounds like you need to sort out the debt issue first, get some money behind you and write as much as you can then you can pursue it when you’re not so stressed.

  9. I don’t believe in love at first sight. How DOOMED we would all be if we loved by sight. We’re not even supposed to WALK by sight, but by FAITH, right? Haha.
    There’s more to love than attraction. Physical) Attraction at first sight? Sure. Totally possible. Love? No.
    Now, maybe you’re super attracted to someone, physically, when you first see him/her. Later you fall in love. Then all of a sudden, you develop this crazy story of being in love at first sight. STOP LYING. You did not have an epiphany the moment you saw that person. You just happened to be attracted. And lucky you! It lead to a relationship in which you’re quite fulfilled, and you now find yourself in love. Awesome. But it was NOT love at first sight.
    K, thanks, bye.

  10. I thought I believed in love at first sight b/c I had experienced something very similar to it. But I think it was more infatuation/lust at first sight. The brain is always seeking novelty and new things and I think we get so excited about someone or the idea of someone and who we think they are or want them to be, that we mistake all those feelings for love. I think true, genuine, deep love can only be developed over time.

  11. Hi Vix! Long time no write… 😛 Love the new look of your blog, and the name!! And (a belated) happy new year! I feel really good about this next one – wish you happiness and all kinds of success for 2012 🙂
    As always your posts are great and thought provoking…
    I don’t really believe in romantic love at first sight, I think what people call love at first sight is infatuation or butterflies at first sight and then you turn out to also like that person and the butterflies turn seamlessly into love (the “love at first sight” stories we hear are all about couples who end up together – we don’t hear about the love at first sight-cases that didn’t pan out).
    With that being said, I do think that it’s a nice idea to give everybody a little love at first sight – makes the world a little more lovely somehow 🙂

  12. I think it may not be love but infatuation as we are initially attracted to the way someone looks. We fall for their looks at first sight. If we get to know them and fall in love with what’s on the inside as well then that could be masked as “love at first sight” but I think it’s just the alignment of two things being in perfect harmony together, looks and personality.
    I think it’s not very common to be attracted to someone on the outside and once they start talking to feel attracted to what’s on the inside as well that’s why it feels special when it happens.

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