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I will become a money saving expert …. well, I’m going to try anyway

This weekend, I popped to the shops. I only needed a few bits from Boots and some food shopping but I ended up adding to this with a T-shirt and hoodie from New Look, some make up from Body shop and 2 CD’s from HMV’s buy 2 for £10 (Train and Ryan Adams if you’re interested :)) This was on top of last week’s shopping trip that ended up with a new pair of skinny jeans from Topshop, 3 pairs of shoes from New Look and leopard print scarf.

As you know, I love shopping but when I leave my full-time job, I can’t pop out and end up with a bunch of new stuff. I might -gasp- have to start budgeting or even avoid going to the shops full stop so I’m not tempted. I admit that usually I’m pretty lazy when it comes to finding deals. Not that I have bags of money but when you have a good job, you just get used to being able to treat yourself.

However, I did recently pull myself out of my laziness to negotiate my car insurance quote and ended up with a better deal that the previous year yay (thanks Tesco!) so I know that I can do it when I try.

Here’s what I need to do from now on:

1. Use web sites which do things like compare home insurance to find the best deal out there for me. I tend to stick to current suppliers for things but I will need to get off my butt and search through my options.

2. Look online before I go out to eat and see if there’s any food vouchers. For instance, I often end up Pizza Express and they are always doing deals but I always forget to check for them.

3. Make a list before I go out of things I need and not things I want. There’s a big difference! This is especially true if I go to the supermarket, I need to stay away from the extras. This may also have a good effect on my weight 🙂

4. I need to find a new laptop so I need to do some serious research first though to make sure I find the best deal. I must not get seduced by a pink one again!

5. Play the lottery. Because you never know!

What money saving tips do you have for a beginner?



40 thoughts on “I will become a money saving expert …. well, I’m going to try anyway”

  1. oooh, great tips! I’m so with you about the pizza express deals.
    I have to say though, shop around for your food. What you could get in one supermarket may be cheaper in another one, for example. Just don’t stick to one!

    Oh and get the moneysavingexpert email every week, they also have a section on magazine freebies!!

  2. I like your third idea… Making a list before I go to the supermarket will help me to know the stuff I want and the stuff that I really need..

  3. Hi Vix, do you own a home? Or do you live with others?

    As for writing…when you work on something , is it as simple as open blank document and start? or more?

    I see so many writers use fancy programs, or save documents in different folders and have these amazing filing/organization systems…not sure I’m up for that, but wondering if I’m way behind and just lazy.

    1. Thanks! You give me courage…some day I might have to live with my mom or someone…but now I know that it is possible to be a writer + creative whilst living with others (because you do it…so no excuses 🙂 I’m used to my own space..but u show me it can be done.

      1. You can do it Jill! You just have to be strong about what you want to achieve. I’m lucky as I get on really well with my mum and she’s really supportive of my writing.

  4. I set up a bank account where I paid a portion of my income to the account. You soon forget about that other account and before you know it, you’ve accumulated a lot of money in there so that you can save for something special.

    Ask for a discount for items that are usually negotiable e.g. laptop or anything electronic. I asked the store person whether they could give a discount for my iPad and surprisingly they said yes!I saved an extra $100 which goes a long way. A lot of stores will price match too so if you look around or online and bring them the catalog, they will give it to you for that price 🙂

  5. I think we spend most of our money on food. I like the idea of looking for vouchers online. I heard about making bulk meals, splitting them, and freezing them. I have not tried it, but it sounds easy. We also buy bulk for stuff we use a lot. My Sweet-n-lo box lasts for years. 🙂

  6. The biggest thing by far was marking down a list of everything I had to pay monthly. Doing that was super uncomfortable at first because it forced me to face my budgetary limitations, but after a few months, I loved the freedom of knowing exactly what it’d take to pay off debts and set aside a little savings. That list of when bills were due became a pretty extensive budget spreadsheet that helped me pay off $15k+ in credit card debt. Now I’m just chipping away at my enormous law school debt!

  7. stop shopping. Only go when you absolutely need something. That’s how I survive. My kids have whatever was on last year’s clearance rack getting rid of their winter stuff. Actually, Old Navy has a pretty awesome clearance rack (when they are changing seasons) and that stuff never goes out of style.

    I just clipped off the price tags of new size 8 long sleeved shirts for my son. I was like “Oh, that’s cool. Hey, that’s another good one…” Even though he turned 8 in Nov…he’s still in small shirts vs. Medium…but I need to start looking at the racks during summer time for the following winter!

    For adults, keep a couple of black business skirts and blouses/knit tops. Perhaps a jacket or two, should you need to be professional. Basic neutral pumps to go with everything. A couple of relaxing clothes and that’s all you need! Wear them until they are so faded or have holes before buying something to replace. That’s the true way to be frugal and make your savings last.

    Lake Forest, CA USA

  8. Oh I love this and needed to be reminded very much of it today. I went to the Coach outlet, and went nuts. I need to do the walk of shame and return some stuff. Freelance work is unstable, but the freedom is great.

    Coupons is great, maybe it’s time to kick up your cooking skills a notch. Healthy and much cheaper a lot of times. You don’t even know how much salt is in prepared foods. It’s so bad for you. I think budget your meals and drinks, like only eat out a certain times a week. That way you know what you want to spend by planning out where you want to go. Create accounts to save for bigger items. Also create a savings account for splurges. It’s all about management, isn’t it. It will save you in the long run and you won’t stress as much about money and can focus on writing. You can do it and it’s a great thing to do. I think we all start thinking about it around your age. Also start saving for retirement, you don’t want to have to work for the rest of your life. You want to be able to, but not required to.

  9. #1 tip ~ NO IMPULSE SHOPPING. NONE. No matter how “cute” something is. Go home. Sleep on it for 3-4 days. If you still want it, go back and buy it.

    The best way to feel wealthy is not to get everything you want . . . it’s wanting what you’ve already got.

    Good luck.

  10. Great tips!
    If you have credit cards, check their websites for special offers. With American Express blue card, you can earn points to apply to travel charges. Some credit cards allow you to earn points towards gift cards or cash. I check as Christmas approaches, and am always pleasantly surprised at what offers I’ve accumulated.
    I know the charging goes against planned savings, but I’m using my cards for regular purchases like groceries, meals, or office supplies.

  11. I’m saving too! I joined which lets you text or tweet the dollar amount you DON’T spend on something you may have. So it rewards you for not buying things. Then you can also see what you could be saving and transfer those funds towards your laptop or savings account. I also made myself a chart, just like one you had as a kid that tracked eating new foods or doing your chores. LOL. I made myself a money saving chart and I literally give myself a gold star when I don’t eat out, only buy coffee when I’m sitting down to write, don’t spend frivolously, and put money into my savings account.

    That’s what I got so far. Keep me posted, maybe you’ll have some good ones for me!

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