Music, Sunday Songs

Sunday Songs

I recently downloaded Charlotte O’Connor’s album. She is folky with a twist of sunshine. This is my favourite song on there.

Charlotte O’Connor – Shine on

This was a random find on iTunes …..

Katie Sky – Sweet sweet melody

I really enjoy Ryan Adams and his latest album is a treat.

Ryan Adams – Lucky now

I just downloaded their album as it’s a great deal at £3.95 on iTunes. This one is really catchy.

The Vaccines – If you wanna

What are you listening to today?




18 thoughts on “Sunday Songs”

  1. Hi,

    I have a question (de-lurking). If you could go back to school now and get a job just to tide the waves and give you security while you pursue your writing dream, what would it be? I’m in that position now having lost my job and with the economic downturn. I have competiting interests, but none as strong as writing. But since that does not pay bills (gasp), I need some security. I just don’t know what to pursue (a one-year business certificate? a legitimate different degree?). I’m curious about you (or other writers) ; what would you choose as the “day-job”? Would you have to have great interest in it etc? The thing that scares me most is the 8-5 job again; I’ve done that and am so sick of it; but I have no idea how to pave a better way for myself financially while not falling off the writing path. Thanks for any tips.

      1. I need good stable money though. For my debt, for living, and to help support my elderly family member. But something that will be doable and enjoyable and not take me away from my writing dreams or path.

    1. Hi Lucy, thanks for your comment. I’ve had this question a few tines now maybe I should post about it. Try and think about what else you enjoy eg working with people or reading and link it to a job eg work in a book shop. I’ve been working 9-5 plus a 3 hour commute for 7 years 🙂 there’s no way round needing money but do something that let’s you write!

  2. I love all your pics – but I’d never heard of Ryan Adams, and think he’s awesome! Thanks for the turn-on to him, Vix – and have a great Sunday. 🙂

  3. I just saw a segment about the singer Rumer. She’s new to me but I liked her sound and I think I’ll check her out.

  4. These are great! I’ve been listening to the new Snow Patrol album. I am really stuck on it. I just love all the songs. I downloaded it from iTunes the day it was released. I love that technology in today’s time.

  5. Ooh I love the Charlotte O’Connor… I’ve never heard of her before..
    I also hadn’t heard that Ryan Adams before…

    Have you tried Amos Lee? I definitely recommend… Specifically Arms of a Woman

    or Ben Harper’s Diamonds on the inside…

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