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Valentine’s week: Guest post from Dazzle Rebel

Welcome to my first blog series – it’s Valentine’s week! This week I’ll be sharing four guest posts and a new short story from me plus my favourite romantic movies and songs. I hope you enjoy the series!
To kick us off, I’m pleased to welcome Dazzle Rebel to the blog. Dazzle is an independent musician and future rock God plus has a pretty great blog of his own. Here’s the man in action ….
Over to you Daz!
Being born a few hours shy of Valentines Day the 14th February has always been a prominent time in my calendar but I never thought much about it until I met my first love.
It was a bright September morning when my hazel eyes first met her bright blues.  Her luscious blond locks spiralled down her pink cheeks and emphasised her cherry red lips and she took the seat opposite mine at the table.  Could this be love at first sight?  Possibly, my stomach was filled with butterflies and I suddenly felt very self-conscious as my ears and cheeks began to glow.  Yep this was definitely it I was in love.
   “Hi, do you mind if I sit here?”  She asked with a voice that angels would envy.  After a moments hesitation that seemed to last for eons I nodded in approval, language momentarily escaping me. “I’m Lauren, what’s your name?”
   “D,D,D, Dan…” I replied trying to find my voice but my throat had quickly filled with Sahara sand.  Not only had I developed a stammer but I’d gone and told her my name was Dan when I meant to say Daz.
  “So Dan, what are you up to?”  Lauren enquired.
   “Erm, er, well, I’m reading this book about Pirates at the moment”  I replied shyly.
  “Pirates huh?” strangely she looked impressed “I like pirates, have you ever read Treasure Island?”
  “No but I’ve seen the film Treasure Island in Space” I felt stupid as the words ran away with themselves.
  “Ah I’ve seen that one too.  It’s good because it mixes pirates and space my two favourite subjects” I began to wonder if she was flirting with me.  I may have been reading a book about pirates but that didn’t mean I liked pirates but I did find space and sci-fi fascinating.
As the conversation continued I began to loosen up as she made me feel comfortable with myself.  It was the first time a girl as naturally beautiful as Lauren had given me the time of day.  Usually those girls went for the funny guy or the hard nut, not Lauren she liked me for being a little bit nerdy.
As the morning continued we discussed music, books, TV and films.  We even shared a favourite Star Wars character, R2 D2.  We spent ages talking but all too soon she had to leave.  I asked if I would see her again and she promised that she’d be there the following morning and that she would love to hear me read to her.  For the rest of the day I couldn’t think of anything else but Lauren, she was amazing more beautiful than any actress and she was actually a real person.  Kind and caring and unbelievably pretty she gave me Goosebumps just thinking about her.
The following morning I was up bright and breezy and with a huge smile on my face, I was seeing Lauren again and that filled me with more sunshine than you could bottle.  I groomed my hair, put on my best trousers and best shirt and even polished my shoes.  I was looking proper dapper for my second date with Lauren.
Sitting at the same table I waited eagerly for Lauren.  I had my pirate book open but I wasn’t reading, my eyes where fixed on the door waiting for that gorgeous silhouette to appear.  I waited and waited but as the minutes ticked by I started to become despondent and glum, maybe she wasn’t coming after all?  But just as I hit my lowest ebb Lauren came rushing in looking flustered.
  “Sorry the traffic was terrible” she said apologetically but it didn’t matter to me, she was here now and my face beamed.
Wonders of what we would discuss today bombarded my thoughts and I felt my legs kicking with excitement.
  “Yesterday was a great day and today is going to be even better.”  I thought to myself.
Alas my perfect day was soon shattered as Lauren walked straight passed my table and took a seat two row behind.  She didn’t even smile or acknowledge me as she walked passed.  I turned around and met her eye with a perplexed glare.
  “Morning Dan” she said with a smile before turning to talk to Gary the nutcase.
 “Hi Lauren?”
  “Hi Dan” was all she could muster in reply before turning brutally away and back into conversation with the meathead.
  “Lauren?”  my voice now audibly upset.  This time I got no reply just a quick look and a smile “Lauren, Lauren, Lauren?”
My persistence was met with silence.  What had I done wrong?
  “Darren turn around and get on with your reading,” demanded Mrs Cook.
  “But miss Lauren said I could read to her today” I replied.
  “Not today Darren, Lauren is sitting with Gary today but you can stand up in front of the class if you like?”  was the spiteful reply from my portly teacher.
  “No, it’s ok miss,” I replied as I slumped into my chair, my crush on Lauren the year 4 classroom assistant fading quicker than a tear drop in the Atacama Desert.
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