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Valentine’s week: Guest post from Patrick @ livelonglovelife

Today we have a guest post from Patrick who blogs over at livelonglovelife where he shares his wisdom, musings on life and poetry. Here he shares his own true life love story, enjoy!




Love could happen to anyone, at anytime, and any place. It happens to the most notoriously known jail mates, it happens to the broken hearted, it happens when you are feeling low, and when you barely expect it. It could sneak to you like a thief in the night.
I have been in and out of love several times, so love is not so foreign to me. It’s a good thing to fall in love, no feeling is comparable to it. Love has no limits to what it could lead you to do or boumdaries for that matter for places it can take you.
This time I found love in a weird place and thus never really opened up about it. But tis the season of love and we have been together for two years and counting so I am going to open up here for the first time. Don’t judge me yet, just remember that love always gets it’s way.
It happened in November 2009 when I came out of a troubled relationship for luck of better words. It was bad. We fought and argued about everything all day long and finally after two years decided I had had enough. That was after I found out there was another man involved. I packed my bags and travelled across country with a broken heart never  to be mended again so I thought. I hated relationships and lost all my trust in it. I vowed never again to fall in love. I might have been wrong.
Love is so strong that saying no to it is close to impossible. I moved in with my cousin who helped me get over my heart break awfully quickly. A few weeks later we got back in touch. We talked over the phone and tried to mend things back but my heart had been so hardened that I could barely stand looking at another female species. We therefore decided that it was good while it lasted and let by gones be by gones. For several weeks I stuck to my words and avoided any contact whatsoever with women. Wekk deep inside I knew something more powerful was yet to take control over me. The need to feel loved started creeping in me and before I knew it I was craving it. So I talked to a bunch of women but the moment they mentioned a relationship I was out the door just like the trust I had lost. At home, Facebook was my antidote. I chatted the night away.
Towards the end of December there was a special girl that caught my eye. I tried to fight the feelings that I was beginning to catch for her. At one point I had a period of paranoia where I thought I had been chatting with another man so I asked her for her phone number. That’s when it all started.
Normally I wouldn’t be on the phone for hours. But what was even weirder was that we hadn’t seen each other eye for eye. Months went by and a connection was starting to build up. I told her about my past relationship and that I was not looking forward to a serious one but she only blatantly agreed. A few months later it became so obvious that there was no turning back. We had fallen head over heels in love with each other.
She was too good to be true, I kept thinking. I was getting anxious and wanting to meet her. She was all the more anxious to see me. I was amazed at how long I had to wait to meet her and still hold on. This had to be love. But she was worth it. She had all the qualities that attracted me to her even more; understanding, funny, christian, family-oriented, educated, and hardworking. I would just get an adrenaline rush everytime we talked. Her voice so musical, her laugh gave me goosebumps. I started bragging about her to my friends and showed photos of her to everyone that I knew just to get an opinion. Of course I never told the truth aboout how I met this diva.
March came and finally we were talking about meeting up. Right around March 18th she arrived at the airport and just seeing her for the first time after four months swept me off my feet. Her hair glided over her shoulders, her lips so kissable, her eyes were crescent shaped, and had a body of a model. She was a beauty, I became weak at the legs and when she smiled I felt chills run down my spine. I was love struck again and it felt amazing. We locked each other up in our arms just like old lovers. During her stay we were inseparable just like siamese twins joined by the hip. We celebrated love but it was short lived when she returned to her home. I wished she could have stayed forever, it was painful to watch her leave. But those few days were memorable. I had fallen back in love and found my future wife. We spoke on the phone all the more just to fill up the void. The visitations became more and more frequent.
Whenever we were together it was so much fun and travelled a whole lot. Eventually we decided it was best if we moved in together. While we did, things moved on pretty fast and May of last year we became proud parents of our wonderful son. He has been the center of our focus and changed both of our lives immensely. We have continued to grow blissfully in the shadow of the umbrella of love. In fact on October the 3rd we got engaged. The proposal got her by surprise and it has yet been the peak of our interesting journey of love.
She has been the best companion and intend to stay together for the rest of our lives.
In fact I can hear the wedding bells.
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16 thoughts on “Valentine’s week: Guest post from Patrick @ livelonglovelife”

  1. That was a sweet story and reminds me of how I fell in love with my fiance’ 🙂 Both of us swore we’d never ever get married again 😉

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