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Valentine’s week: Guest post from lovelylici1986 @ conchsaladesque

Today we have a guest post from LovelyLici who blogs over at Conchsaladesque where she shares stories from her life in The Bahamas. Here she tells her how she met her girlfriend – enjoy!




It’s funny, isn’t it? The way that love sort of just… Shows up. You may or may not be looking. You’re probably not expecting it. You just happen upon. “Oh! Is that you there?!” It sort of looks at you shyly and smiles, and you say, “Long time, no see!” You try to mask your utter shock, but it knows. It knows you didn’t know that it was on the way. Somehow, it’s okay with that. The thing about love is… It doesn’t need an invitation. It shows up when it’s good and ready, and whether you were expecting it or not, you kinda have to let it in.

 Some time in 2010 – I’m really not sure which month – I really got into the whole twitter thing. I was tweeting, and following, and mentioning, and DMing. One night, a Bahamian artist (Did I mention that I’m from The Bahamas?) said she’d be ustreaming. I thought, “Oh, cool. I needed something to do while procrastinating. I’ll tune into this ustream, and see if it’s interesting.” Well, I ended up watching a chatting for bit. The artist mentioned that my first name is very much like her middle name. I thought, “Ok, cool, I guess”. Well, from then, we starting following each other on Twitter (versus the one-sided twit-lationship where I was following her, and not being followed back). We chatted a bit back and forth, as we did with lots of other people.

 Fast-forward to November 2010. I tweeted about dessert. Specifically, I tweeted about an absolutely amazing dessert at my godfather’s and dad’s restaurant. It’s a guava bread pudding drizzled with brandy sauce, served with bailey’s ice cream. Close your eyes. Repeat those words. Picture it on a plate. Taste it. Yesss. Greatness. That tweet met a reply from the same Bahamian artist, saying that she was oh-so-very-interested in trying the dessert. One or two messages were sent and received, and BAM. We’d arranged to meet at the restaurant for dessert. To cut this bit of the story short, we met up a few times for good times.

 One fateful night, I went over to her place for a game night. It was one of those game nights where no one ever played any games, but many drinks were had. There was lots of random talking, and then things got very specific. By the end of the night, she and I were questioning our “friendship” as we wondered if there could be something more…

 Fast-forward, yet again, about month. We’re totally in a relationship. Before either of us realized it, we were in deep. In like. In love. In a complete state of drunken happiness. We, at first, were a bit concerned about how quickly things changed, developed, and grew. There is often fear of jumping into something too fast, not knowing what the future holds. I mean, really, we were just two random people who interacted on twitter. Who later met in person, over some amazing dessert. And then became friends. Ended up living a life that was totally unexpected and completely un-predicted time. Neither one of us expected it.

 This Valentine’s Day is just 10 days short of our first anniversary. Nothing has died. The fire of love, happiness, and overall excitement still burns brightly, and keeps us warm. Have we had arguments? Yes. Disagreements? YES. Times when we really didn’t want to speak to each other? Yes, indeed. It’s just that love has taken up residence within us. It’s like the magnet was planted in her, and the steel was planted in me. Things happen. Emotions run high. Words are released into the world, never to be retrieved by the speaker. Fragile feelings are sometimes hurt. That just doesn’t change the magnetism that is love. It will always attract the two people it has planted it’s two part in to one another. It serves to bring them together – in times of happiness, struggle, sadness, and even anger. Two can do better what one can do alone.

 The sweetness and warmth of the guava bread pudding has never subsided. We still taste it every time we see one another. The effect of the brandy has not worn off. We still feel the warmth, every time we touch. The sweetness of the baileys ice cream has not lost its touch. It still is there to cool the passion that raw emotion can bring to a situation. The lessons of twitter remain in our minds. Even where words are few – limited to 140 characters or not – thoughts and feelings are abundant. We may not have the time or the will to say all that we feel, but we are fitted with magnet and steel. The connection is there. It has taken up residence in us. It’s not going anywhere.

 Have you ever heard that song, “We Found Love” by Rihanna? You didn’t really need to hear the song. Some of the (very few lyrics) are, “We found love in a hopeless place.” Believe me. We both saw our surroundings and situations as hopeless where love is concerned, but look at us now. Full of hope for our future together, and bringing hope to the people around us who are still looking/waiting for what we’ve been fortunate enough to find. Valentine’s Day comes around every year, so with every one that you see, know that it brings you more hope. 🙂

Don’t forget to leave Lovely your feedback and then hop on over to her blog!

12 thoughts on “Valentine’s week: Guest post from lovelylici1986 @ conchsaladesque”

    1. It can, and I think it often does!
      Maybe you’ll find yours in a hopeful place? Haha.
      Music is a REALLY good stand-in though. You can dance with it whenever you want. It never refuses. 🙂

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