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Valentine’s week – Guest post from Brooke and Mckenzie

Today we have a guest post from Brooke and Mckenzie – two best friends who wax lyrical about love and life. Today they share their thoughts on Valentine’s. Happy reading!




This year for Valentines day we would like to share with our readers on what makes it special for us.

As they say; women tend lead with their hearts, we definitely are suckers for something heartfelt over something cliche and over the top. Lots of monetary value is nice, but if there is not much sentiment put into it, it just feels impersonal.
Another thing we are into is something more on the “cute” side as opposed to shopping for lingerie, pulling out whips and making the whole night revolve around having sex. We believe in a relationship with regular passionate sex and if we have to wait until one  specific day a year to do that, clearly that would make us very dissatisfied in a relationship.
Some sweet gestures are of course flowers, often roses are what’s expected but maybe something different would always be nice. Something to make it stand out from all the other times. Planning a day of events or things you like to do together is also really sweet or staying somewhere nice. As long as the day is about you two and not just a rose and dinner at a restaurant, again then off home. That is quite cliche and more like Friday night date with the boyfriend.
Regardless of what the plans of the day/evening are, keeping it personal is always key.
Mckenzie: The cutest thing I remember someone did for me was cook a whole meal and set the table with candles, themed tablecloth and even got me my favourite wine. It was a perfect setting, just not with the perfect person. Unfortunately, after all that, I failed to feel happiness in the relationship. But regardless, I will always remember the gesture and always hoped that one day I could have all that again, just with the right person in order to actually feel swept off my feet. 
While for some couples this is a good time to celebrate their time together, it can also be a wake up call or a point to evaluate the relationship. If you feel dissatisfied or feel like something is missing, it is important to not give up. I once went on a lunch  date on valentines day just because I would never give up trying to find the person that I want to be with and that would want to be with me. 
This year I am spending Valentines day with the boyfriend. He has made us reservations at a very fancy hotel in the city and we will be checking in early and spending the whole afternoon/evening in the area. I think at some point we are grabbing food, going skating and then swimming in the pool. I definitely look forward to it and believe that this year I will be happy to be spending it with him and not feel the emptiness I did the year before.
Valentines day to me always means hope, hoping for what is out there or hoping that you will always have happiness. You cannot predict tomorrow or whether you will always be happy with that person. But if you see yourself celebrating many more valentines with them, then that is great. If not, it is important to not wait any longer and move on to finding the right one for you. While you settle deeper into a relationship with the wrong person, the right person could be passing you by and you might miss that chance.
Happy Valentines Day!
Brooke and Mckenzie
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7 thoughts on “Valentine’s week – Guest post from Brooke and Mckenzie”

  1. Very true! I actually heard something on the radio on V-Day about the things women don’t want – stuffed animals, lingerie, etc. It’s always nice to do something different, and I think it’s important that these special days are spent in a way that’s unique to the COUPLE, not falling in line with the (typical expectations of the) occasion.

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