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Back in time

I recently watched Midnight in Paris – a 2011 Woody Allen film about a struggling American writer on holiday in Paris with his fiancée. The lead character Gil wishes in lived in Paris in the 1920’s when everything was far more magical and inspiring for writers and one night his fantasy comes true.

I really enjoyed this film – it’s romantic and funny and magical and if you’re a writer, you will definitely with Gil and his fantasies. It got me wondering if I had the opportunity to go back in time and experience a different era – which would I choose? The answer came pretty quickly. I fell in love with Jane Austen in my early teens and the love affair remains strong to this day. I’d love to get sucked back to her time and be able to live in the world she did.

Reasons why I would love to visit the Regency era of Jane Austen:

1. Courtship appears far more romantic – men are gentlemanly, dating is chaperoned and you fall in love at grand balls and across the table at dinner.

2. You get to wear long dresses and fancy gowns for special occasions made just for you.

3. No cars. Just horse-drawn carriages.

4. There’s no TV or internet so much more time for reading and writing. I’d have to give sewing a miss as I’m useless.

5. You actually have to converse with people and spend time with them. No calling on the phone or texting allowed.

Of course, if I did go back, I’d have to be a wealthy lady. I quite fancy a grand country pile somewhere. And I’d obviously bump into Mr Darcy, because he was real, and he’d sweep me off my feet.

Okay my imagination has carried me away as usual but I would definitely recommend Midnight in Paris if you want some pure escapism.

Which era would you go back to you if you could?



22 thoughts on “Back in time”

  1. Flying in quickly – I saw this film on Saturday and also loved it 🙂
    It is pure escapism in full flow and so wonderfully explored.
    I would also love to go back to a time like Jane Austen but only if I was from a very rich family!

  2. Late 1800 to 1900’s for the exploration. For the undiscovered pats of the map. And the willingness of people to go and look. I’d be gone, Shackletons trip, or to the Himalayas. Great fun.


  3. Yes, I agree with your post. I have always talked about how living in that era would be so different and even better than this era. I would love to experience it 🙂

  4. Time travel would be FUN . . . but only for short visits. I do NOT want to live without indoor plumbing, refrigeration, and toilet paper. 😉

    I’d go back with you to Jane’s neck of the woods . . . long enough to attend a few balls.

      1. Thanks . . . just added it to my Netflix queue. I’ve seen the Jane Austen Book Club and Becoming Jane but never heard of Lost in Austen.

        BTW: I enjoyed Midnight in Paris . . . the wife and her pushy parents probably spurred him to “escape.” 😀

  5. I JUST watched this movie last week! I really liked it, aside from the ridiculously rude wife that Rachel McAdams played. I would have liked traveling back to the 1920’s like he did just because I love the music and the clothes. I’d also like to go even further back to a Jane Austen time period too, but I would worry about the details that Austen never mentions in her book (is the food nasty? Don’t they have to use a basin or something in their room instead of a toilet?). I would enjoy the language though…I love the dialogue from books written during that time period!

  6. I’d love to be able to visit the 60s/70s for the emergence of the counterculture. Also, It’d be amazing to pop into Versailles during the reign of Marie Antoinette. I’d have to witness the decadence firsthand!

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