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Sometimes in life you have to deal with difficult people. People who make you stressed or upset, unhappy or miserable. People that try to put you down, make you feel small or blame you for things that aren’t your fault. People who take pleasure in putting other people down. People who have no clue how to treat others.

They may make for great characters in books but not so much in real life. Yet sometimes we keep them in our life. We moan we can’t change things, we feel powerless, we feel stuck and have no idea what to do. I think sometimes you have to walk away from them. You have to take the higher road. You can’t change them but you can change the situation. You can remove yourself. You can realise you deserve better.

You can take everything I have
You can break everything I am
Like i’m made of glass
Like i’m made of paper
Go on and try to tear me down
I will be rising from the ground
Like a skyscraper
Like a skyscraper

(Demi Lovato)

It’s them, not you.

Don’t let them bring you down.

Let yourself shine.



28 thoughts on “Shine”

  1. I can so relate with this, Victoria. I wrote a post a long time ago called “Les Miserables” about a very similar subject. You’re so right, sometimes you just have to remove yourself from the person. Sad, but sometimes that’s the only way.

  2. Great point. I consider it exiling them. Sure they still exist, but they are no longer allowed to affect my life. If I can’t cut them out, I minimize interactions and remind myself of their unimportance and the unimportance of their opinions and thoughts to me.

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