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Will you marry me?

Today is 29 February, the one day that women are traditionally allowed to propose to a man.

I don’t think I’d ever partake in this tradition, I’m old school when it comes to proposals and would want the man to ask me. If he doesn’t love me enough to buy me a diamond then I wouldn’t want to marry him πŸ™‚ But I do admire the women who step up and propose, it must be really scary and it’s always easier to be romantic to women – chocolates, flowers, candles etc but how do you romance a man minus sexy underwear? Would you go for something grand like on top of the Eiffel Tower or pop it into his cereal like a woman said she was planning to on the radio this morning?

In this article they claim that almost half of unmarried women would take advantage of a leap year to propose to their partner on February 29 – though two thirds would still expect their partner to buy them a ring. I wonder if a lot fo these women think they’ll never get married unless they push the man themselves but I agree with the sentiment about buying the ring although if they stick to that, what was the point of them proposing anyway?

This study also revealed that three quarters of men nationwide would have β€˜no problem’ with being proposed to. I have no doubt that a lot of men would like it then they wouldn’t have to plan anything themselves! But I wonder if some men would be annoyed that the girl has stolen their thunder, they may even be a bit embarrassed to tell family and friends that they were proposed to instead.

Almost half of men and four in ten women said they would like to pop the question on a romantic holiday.When it comes to ideal locations, a third of those questioned for the Eurostar study said they thought Paris was the most romantic city in Europe, followed by Venice and Rome. I wonder if this is getting a bit cheesy now though. I’d like the proposal to be personal to me and not just on the list of “best practice” proposals but then again, maybe I shouldn’t be so fussy as a diamond ring for me is likely to be a long way off πŸ™‚

So ladies, would you ever propose to a man? Are any of you doing it today? Or do you think men should be the ones to get down on one knee? I’d love to hear your proposal stories as well! Make me jealous πŸ™‚



20 thoughts on “Will you marry me?”

  1. I proposed to my husband. We were in the kitchen, he was making tea and I just asked him. No rings or flowers. It just felt right given the way our relationship was going. It was nothing extravagant and I did not get a proposal ring. But he said yes and this year we’ll be celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary. Isn’t that what it is all for? πŸ™‚

  2. I think there are some relationships that it makes sense for the woman to propose (and I admire them), but it’s not for me. If a guy doesn’t propose to me, he doesn’t want it bad enough.

  3. I don’t think I’d do it. Too much pride, I think. And, of course, we all have the dream/imagination of that special someone asking US. Annnd there’s the age-old belief that men are commitment-o-phobic, and only when he loves the lady enough, he’ll break down and ask her to marry him. Which woman would like to be the one to bend so much as to ASK him, and then be turned down?! AAAAAGH! It’s too scary! I can’t think about it.

    And I have a gf. She asked me. I don’t know if I would’ve ever asked her. Especially since I wasn’t completely clear on her views of marriage, let alone gay marriage. Haha

  4. Kudos to those gals who take charge, that being said I don’t think I would want to propose. It’s the last of my old fashioned ways. I am not big on too much romance, nor do I think marriage is something one has to do, but I do want him to be the one to get down on one knee.

    I know a lot of long term couples agree that they’re heading in that direction and the proposal is like that last bit, like a formality.

  5. Many relationships, in their natural course, include discussions about whether and when to marry . . . without the need for either party to formally propose.

    I would only be willing to marry a man who would NOT be upset by a woman bringing up the issue of marriage (without waiting for Leap Year) ~ any man with rigid gender stereotypes (men’s work vs. women’s work) would not be a good fit for me.

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