Getting your foot through the door

All my fellow writers out there will know that it’s a long climb to reach that publishing deal. You have to jump through what feels like an impossible number of hoops before you can find an agent or sign on the dotted line with a publishing company or both! One way we might sick out above the increasing numbers trying to do just that is by entering a competition.

I recently entered one run by the agent I met at my first writer’s event and I’m biting my nails to find out if I’ve been chosen. A competition gets our work seen by industry experts and often offers prize money and the chance to get all important industry exposure. It looks good on submissions and can give a much-needed ego boost to us struggling writer folks.

I’ve stumbled on a new competition that I had to share with you guys as it might be something we want to enter.

Women’s writing maagzine Mslexia has just launched a children’s novel competition. It’s open to women writers only worldwide and your work must be for children who can read by themselves or young adults. Closing date is September 2012 and you can win £5k. Plus the judges are really high profile. So check it out, I’m definitely going to enter if I’m still agent and publisher free by then.

I think we need to do everything we can to get our work “out there” and seen by the industry as much as we can to stand the best chance of getting noticed. It’s taken time for me to have the confidence to do just that but if we’re serious about being published one day, we have to.

Have you entered a writing competition? Will you be entering this one?



32 thoughts on “Getting your foot through the door”

  1. I’ve never entered a competition but when I finish this WIP of mine and get it into shape, I’m probably going to trying for one of those agent contests that people hold on their blogs. Seems like fun.

  2. I’ve entered Writers of the Future contest a couple times but haven’t placed either quarter. I might try a different one soon, though.

  3. If you except the schoolwide competitions I was fond of in middle school, I’ve never entered a writing competition. I’m rooting for you and yours!

  4. Thanks for sharing this. A lot of people keep encouraging me to try to turn my blog about China into a book when I get back to the U.S….mostly my parents. I’m just not sure if it’s good enough or cohesive enough to work as a book, and I’m nervous to try to publish it! But entering a contest is some great advice, and I look forward to reading more about the specifics of what you are going through to try to get published!

  5. Good luck with your entry! 🙂

    I’ve entered quite a few, but have never found any success. However, I’ve learned a lot from the process, in terms of overall craft, accepting rejection, and understanding the importance of considering audience. While I’ve never tasted victory, I still believe every competition is a worthwhile experience.

  6. Well, I wish you luck in the contest. Thank you also for sharing the link. I do try to enter competitions. I wish I had more pieces to choose from but a big mistake I made was to obsess over one ms for way too long. So, my pickings are slim and my ms is just sitting atop literary agents’ desks waiting to be drooled upon (haha).

  7. Good luck! Good luck! Good luck!!! 🙂 I think I mentioned to you before that I wrote and published a children’s book years ago. We ended up self-publishing through my husband’s freelance graphic design company and have sold thousands of copies and have won a couple of small awards. But I’m now at the point where I want to give it to a publisher b/c it’s so much work shipping books. I’m not even sure where to start with going from a published book to finding a new publisher. If you ever learn anything about that with all you’re doing, please let me know. Again, good luck!!

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