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Birthday day trip

Tuesday was my 29th birthday. I’m dangerously close to 30, sounds far too grown up! My mum and I took a day trip to Hampton Court Palace. It was a gorgeous sunny day and all the daffodils were in bloom so it felt very spring like.

The wilderness gardens:

Posing with the flowers:

The formal gardens:




36 thoughts on “Birthday day trip”

  1. Oh, Happy belated Birthday, Victoria!! I love these pictures… your Mom is beautiful just as you are. Looks like a lovely trip on your birthday – Spring is definitely in the air!! πŸ˜€

  2. LooKs like you had a lovely day, mum looks the same as when I last saw her no ageing at all! (a few years ago now) xh

  3. That place is stunning–as are you and your mom! What a wonderful way to spend a birthday! Happy happy Birthday! Thirty isn’t so bad. It feel like is will be but it isn’t.

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