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Sunday songs

I haven’t seen any of Glee series 3 as it’s moved to a pay channel over here so I have no idea the context for this song but I love it anyway!

Glee – Here’s to us

Orianthi was Michal Jackson’s guitarist and her album Believe is full of catchy rock songs. This song Fire is from her new ep:

Orianti – Fire

Heard this song on American Idol and had to download it.

Lifehouse – Everything

I’m a bit ashamed to say this is stuck in my head 🙂

Selena Gomez – I won’t apologise



6 thoughts on “Sunday songs”

  1. Victoria, I’ve developed a liking for Selena Gomez songs too. Love You Like A Love Song was stuck in my head my entire Asia trip last summer. 😉

  2. Have to say, love Glee! And I haven’t been able to keep up with Season 3 either but only because my TV has been hijacked by my children lol. Love the other two choices, and yes, I will admit to liking Selena Gomez because my daughter loves her and it’s a fun way to connect with her. We dance to her songs together.

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