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A little bit of sunshine

Thanks to Wantoncreation, Merlinbloggs and Pany for passing me the sunshine award! This one comes with 10 questions for me to answer as my acceptance speech:

Favourite colour: I don’t have one. I like most colours really – I’d probably pick purple if you forced me 🙂

Favourite animal: I really want a puppy!

Favourite number: I’ve never had a favourite or lucky number. Sorry!

Favourite non-alcoholic drink: Coke. Full fat 🙂

Prefer Facebook or Twitter? I only use Facebook.

My passion: Has to be writing closely followed by reading. Let’s say books as that covers both.

Prefer getting or giving presents: I like both. Especially if they’re sparkly 🙂

Favourite pattern: Leopard print.

Favourite day of the week: Saturday as you’re not working and it tends to be a day to do things like a day trip or shopping then I usually have a naughty meal like curry and watch a reality TV show!

Favourite flower: Lily.

Instead of tagging people which I find really hard – if you want to accept this award, please comment with your answers to the 10 questions or add the link to a post.



6 thoughts on “A little bit of sunshine”

  1. Hi Vix, long time! 🙂 So glad to come back to your blog. Everything looks awesome and so are you! Will catch up with your fiction writing soon xoxo

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