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The Hunger Games vs. Twilight

I went to see The Hunger Games yesterday. I won’t post another review as I’m a long way behind the rest (although I will say I loved it). Instead, in honour of the film and another favourite of mine Twilight, I thought I’d pitch the YA series’ against each other.

Warning: contains spoilers so don’t read if you don’t know how they end!

Let the battle begin:

The world

Twilight is set in present day Forks – a small town in Washington, which gets a lot of rain. Dark, gloomy and green. This world is inhabited by both humans and supernatural creatures namely vampires and werewolves (no witches or faeries as far as we know). And the supernatural’s live in secret mostly; until a girl called Bella comes along and guesses the truth. Some of the supers are good; others are evil and will drink your blood.

The Hunger Games is set in the future in a country that used to be America and is now called Panem. It’s a pretty bleak place made up of 12 districts ruled over by The Capitol. People in the outer districts are poor and hungry whereas people in The Capitol live in luxury and have really crazy hair. Every year the country watches The Hunger Games – a reality TV show where kids compete to their death.

Verdict: I’d rather live in Twilight’s world – there’s food and the reality TV shows may be depressing but they’re not brutal. Plus I’d have Edward. Just sayin’.

Twilight – 1, HG – 0.

The hero

Bella Swan is a teenage girl who falls for a vampire. She’s’ pretty average looking but pale and uncoordinated. She doesn’t really have a quest – most of her existence is there to be in love with Edward. Then she decides she wants to be immortal so she can love him forever. She finally becomes a vampire, which she is suited to very well.

Katniss Everdeen is a teenage girl who has lived her life fighting for survival. She leads her family, hunting for food and selling it so they can live. She is fiercely protective of her younger sister, volunteering to tale her place in The Hunger Games. Which’s she kicks ass in while staying someone we can root for. Plus she wins.

Verdict: Katniss is scary in the best possible way. I’d probably be the first one to die in the games so I’m pretty impressed by how she handles it.

HG – 1, Twilight – 0.

 The love triangle

Bella Swan loves Edward but then he leaves her (it’s for her own good) so she starts hanging out with Jacob, who turns into a werewolf. He loves her a lot but she’s not sure. Then Edward comes back and she runs back into his arms. Jacob kisses her and she decides she loves them both but Edward is her soul mate. Then they have a baby who is Jacob’s soul mate. So everyone is happy.

Katniss Everdeen isn’t sure who she loves. There’s Gale her friend and hunting partner who’s really good looking. And there’s Peeta, her fellow competitor in the HG who says he’s had a crush on her since they were kids. They pretend to be I love for the cameras but I feels quite real. Then Gale comes up with an idea that leads to her sister being killed so she chooses Peeta.

Verdict: For me, I knew who they would both choose in the end but I was more unsure what would happen in The HG so I’ll go with that love triangle. Slightly more believable.

HG- 1, Twilight – 0.

 The villains

In Twilight, The Volturi are pretty scary vampires who rule the community and you don’t want to meet them in a dark alley. Like, ever.

In HG, the villain is pinpointed as the President but you could argue the true villain is control. Snow is killed by Katniss in the end and the country takes back some of their freedom.

Verdict: Twilight has a defined group of villains that are creepy and who live on after the books. They’re invincible, which beats Snow who is destroyed.  

Twilight – 1, HG – 0.

Final score:

It’s a tie in my battle between Twilight and The Hunger Games.

Who would win for you?




18 thoughts on “The Hunger Games vs. Twilight”

  1. Hunger Games hands down. Sorry, but I just think the twilight films were hilariously mundane. HG is gritty, and has no sparkling creatures moaning for love. Katniss is shown as an independent, strong kickass woman – TOTAL WIN!
    But that’s just me. =P

  2. hee hee. This is like comparing apples to kiwis. I’d pick the Hunger Games. The characters were strong, there were substantial subplots. The main plot wasn’t about a girl who wants to be with her guy forever. Katniss has depth, sparkle. Bella, well…she’s Bella Swan. I think she should’ve chosen Jacob. Rob was so much better as a Griffendor.

    But, what do I know. 😉 Great play along. Kewl idea.

  3. The Hunger Games!
    Although I’m not into either franchise, my wife and daughter have taken me along with them on their respective journeys.
    The Hunger Games kick Twilight’s ass nine ways to Sunday!
    Great analysis, by the way!

  4. I’d have to say The Hunger Games. It’s actually touching whereas Twilight just gets on my nerves and they’re too over-dramatic (sorry to all you Twilight lovers). Great post 🙂

  5. I agree with exactly all your points. I think Twilight movies were better but Hunger Games books are better. The Hunger Games made me dizzy with the fast-forward fighting – that’s the only reason.

  6. Victoria, I loved your comparisons. For me, I think the Hunger Games would win. Katniss is so much better than Bella. And the love triangle was better. Twilight didn’t change the way I thought about things. Hunger Games definitely influenced my thought processes.

  7. Although my dislike of Katniss in the books would make it hard for me to vote for The Hunger Games winning in most any competition, I’ve got to go with it here! It boils down to one simple fact: I could actually read it.

    A year ago I would’ve set this while quietly snickering at Twilight, but now I just say it matter of factly. Truly!

    I love your comparison of the two, although I should’ve heeded your “spoilers” advice on THG. :p

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