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Doing the writing thing

It’s been two weeks since I left work. It’s felt like a holiday as Easter took up a large chuck of it but it has already been a productive writing time. Sitting down to write every day hasn’t felt like the chore I was worried it could turn into. I’ve been able to sink myself fully into my manuscript, producing about 4 – 5,000 words a day. The story is really taking shape in my mind now and although it will need revisions, the first draft is pouring out of me and it’s exciting. I feel more focused than I have since I started this writing journey. And I like what’s emerging.

But as ever I’m keeping a lid on my excitement because what looks and feels good to me right now might prove not to be when I finish the story or when my crit partner in this Elizabeth tells me it isn’t 🙂 It’s always scary believing in a project in case it all ends in disappointment but I know that my writing and story telling is improving with every page and all writing experience is a good thing. It all helps  brings us closer to that publishing goal.

Literary agent Rachelle Gardner in heer post “will your first book be published ?” says that writers should write several books before seeking publication to give you practice and confidence and so you know you can write more than one book. My WIP will be the fourth book I’ve written along with countless starter stories that never quite reached novel length. I agree that with each one I’ve grown in confidence and skill. This along with feedback from crit partners and agents, has meant I’m in a much better place as a writer than I was when I started.

I don’t think writers ever stop learning their craft. You learn every day that you write and I’m still learning. Best if all, I’m enjoying it and I still feel the need to do it. I want to, I have to write. And hopefully, this new focus on it will pay off in the end.



31 thoughts on “Doing the writing thing”

  1. Glad that your vacation is going smoothly enough for you to write! Let’s hope your Muse continues to be so gracious and cooperative. lol I have no doubt She will however, so BREAK A PEN! And I do have to say that I wholeheartedly agree with writers needing to pen several novels before seeking publication. Without practice, how do we learn how to improve?

  2. Awesome to hear the writing is flowing so well! I agree with you as well, I think you need to write several novels before trying to get published. It took until my third novel before I wrote something that I actually felt happy with (for a first draft), and it will probably take a couple more before I start to look at getting something published. But it will be worth it.
    Good luck with it all!

  3. Great to hear that it is going well for you and that you are managing to get so much done. Very impressive. I’d never even thought about the fact you need to write a fair few novels before looking for publication – I still haven’t finished my first. Yikes! Makes perfect sense though.

    1. Thanks Emma! I guess it’s just about making your writing as good as it can be, I’m sure some get their first novel published (eg Twilight) but it’s a longer journey for others. Good luck with yours!

  4. Congrats on getting so much accomplished! I have so many WIPs that it is almost depressing. On the plus side, I am focusing on finishing the short stories first and an artist friend and I are collaborating on a children’s story. If I can’t finish something as short as that, then I know there is no hope for me.

  5. You’re absolutely right, writers never stop learning. That’s great in that we will never get bored as long as we keep wanting to improve! I’m so glad you’re enjoying your writing time.

  6. It is good to hear that you are moving your writing on and making good progress. I agree with what you say about always learning and the way to do that is to continue writing.

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