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I used to joke that I was an unlucky person. The past two weeks though have confirmed it for me. My unluckiness (I’m sure it’s a word!) seems to fall into two categories – 1) causing myself harm through clumsy behaviour 2) the universe conspiring against me during times that are the most inconvenient.

It started with me scraping my big toe under my bedroom door, which really really hurt. Then I sprained my ankle, collapsing to the ground in the middle of the road. This was with the same foot as the toe accident and my ankle still hurts now. Especially after dancing in high heels at a wedding I went to this weekend.

On the way to said wedding, unluckiness number 2 struck. I had to be at the wedding venue for a certain time obviously. I got on a train with a fellow guest with time alloted to check in at our B & B and get changed. Suddenly the train stopped. It stopped for an hour thanks to a broken down train in front of us. This meant we had exactly five minutes to get changed before we had to leave to get to the venue. I’ve never got dressed so quickly in my life! Thank God I’d done my hair and make up in the morning 🙂 We arrived on time albeit rather flustered and managed to enjoy the day, particularly after the first glass of wine!

Finally calm with wine in hand!

I don’t really bother entering competitions or playing the lottery thanks to my unlucky nature. I’m hoping one day my luck turns and I get 29 years worth in one go but until then, I need to avoid doors, crossing roads, catching trains and generally leaving the house as much as possible I think!

Am I the only unlucky one here? I need some unlucky stories to cheer me up please 😉




47 thoughts on “Unluckiness”

  1. At one time I had a spate of ankle sprains which when severe can take many months to heal. I changed my shoes as the ones I was mainly using allowed my right foot ‘turn under’ when walking on an uneven surface. Try ice several times a day.

  2. My story didn’t happen directly to me but I was involved. A friend of mine and I went to Orlando for my b’day last July (did the whole Harry Potter thing at Universal which was great!). My hubby was not well (he has mobility issues), and promised me he was going to stay home while I was gone for the weekend. Saturday night I get a phone call from my hubby: he was preparing to go fishing with our sons, fell in the driveway and his knee was blown up like a bowling ball. He wanted to know if he should go to the emergency room. Duh, I said. Turns out, he broke his tibea plateau in his knee, he was 2 days in the hospital and six months in a leg brace. Here it is almost a year later and he’s still having problems with the leg…all because he was going fishing after he promised he wasn’t going while I was out of town. *shakes head*. Men.

    Oh, and he almost burned our house down twice…but those are stories for another time. 🙂

  3. BTW – you look Gorgeous in that photo! (and can a correct a typo in my previous post? I said “his knew was blown up”. Meant to say “knee” 🙂 Sorry, it’s barely daylight here. Swishing my wand and sending good luck your way. May your day be amazingly wonderful.

    1. Aw Beth that was a rough day for you but your karma won out, mine has yet to appear so finger’s crossed!! No – it was on the way to Stanstead from Liverpool Street. I used to commute everyday to and from Waterloo and it waas useless!!

      1. Yeah, hopefully yours will come soon! Ah, I only ask because lots of people I knew were stuck between Waterloo and Richmond! Gosh that’s a long old journey! Yeah I used to commute from Mill Hill to Whitton everyday, not fun at all!

  4. Well you look absolutely gorgeous.. even if your feet were aboout to fall off! I suffer from the chronic clumsiness thing, too! I keep waiting for Tom to buy us a house with padded walls 🙂

  5. What a lovely picture of you Victoria! My mother, daughter and I are all accident-prone. If an accident is to happen, we are all sure bets to be the target. It’s become a joke really, but we’re really all three dangerous. To think it can be passed down genetically is scary!! Are you the only one in your family who possesses this endearing trait? 😀

  6. You looked gorgeous. I go through periods feeling like an unlucky cloud is hovering over me, but I am also beginning to recognize that what I see as not luck might indeed be leading me someplace very lucky.

    That said, I think your luck extended to the package I sent you, because I have a feeling it got “lost” (aka eaten) in customs. 😉

    Here’s to a lucky week.
    ❤ Lisa

  7. You look stunning!
    As you know I had a little accident the other week and I’m still recovering even now… I had my nose reset last week but it didn’t work so I’m having to have it done again this week. Did you know they don’t put you under anymore? It’s all done with dental anasthetic ( via needles into the nose! ) and then brute force to push it back… Plus I’m to visit the maxi facial people this week to see what they can do about my jaw / cheek / teeth that got nerve damaged with the fall…. Plus side is my hairdresser is coming to look at a new style to hide the 3″ scar I now have on my forehead….
    I could think I was unlucky having the fall in the first place, but in reality I’m lucky I’m still alive.
    Hope your ankle gets better soon 🙂

    1. Bless you 🙂
      Ouch Eileen you poor thing, sounds horrid! But I’m sure you will be fine, you’re a brave one for sure! And yes you were lucky it wasn’t even more serious, so scary. Feel better soon!

  8. That is so frustrating. But you looked fabulous for the wedding!

    I have a knack for breaking toenails. Which is no big deal unless you have blood sugar problems (I do) and don’t heal quickly. Inevitably the nail splits diagonally into the corner of my cuticle and I get to worry about ingrown toenails for months. Just happened two days ago, right before I am going to NY for a conference. 😦

  9. Nice pic. I usually am unlucky with contets. I still go for it and was surprised to find that I started winning some. Nothing ventured, nothing gained…I guess. =)

    1. I really like the sound of your post, susie! Playing with verbs and spelling with the same sounds . . .”As soon as you be(are)lieve . . . As soon as you are, leave your unlucky days behind, they will be!” It’s a little nonsensical, yet I dig that your statement can be twisted and turned a bit, and conceptually the meaning sticks.

  10. Aw, look at the pretty hair! Hope your luck turns around – I think you have to act like you’re very lucky until you are.

  11. Who was it sang, ‘If it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all’. Ray Charles did a version, other too.

    Anyway, I digress. At least you get some sort of luck 🙂


  12. Years back I found that I would run in to door jambs (side of door frame) more and more as I was creatively about to switch gears big time and birth something new like a painting in a way I had never painted before, writing in a way I had never written before, Tarot and Architecture same same . . . Then, I LITERALLY ran in to a friend on the sidewalk, BAM! She smiled belted out, “Hey You! What’s up in YOUR world these days?!” Smiling, I replied, “Just about every door jamb in town is up . . . Up in the front of my shoulder. I keep bumping in to them. Guess I’m walking too fast and trying to take the inside line of the curves on my daily track.” I put my hands and eyebrows up in one of those whatcha-gonna-do chuckling ways thinking that was that and we’d stand and chat for a bit. But, Nope. She had other plans for me. Smiling with her eyes, cocking her head a little to the side, “You know what some Native Americans say about that?”, she said. That certainly got my attention. “They say it means you are ‘walking bigger.’ It happens in the lead-up to birthing something new. It’s kinda like GIVING yourself labor pains before you molt. Have you noticed any subtle changes in the way you are doing things? . . .besides cross-checking architecture?” . . . . .
    That was 1993. I started painting in watercolors the next day. It became a series of 33 pieces, and then by a ‘walking big’ fluke, it turned into 66 pieces as I “bumped through” the wrong keys in PhotoShop as I was scanning the 33 pieces for a gallery and promos. The phone rang as my fancy fingers had ideas of their make-a-screw-up-for-me own. When I got off the phone and looked back at the screen my jaw dropped. I had never used “Invert” before. I made a photo reversal of the piece . . . except wonderfully enough it felt BOLDER than the original piece AND partnered with it perfectly.

    All this as an Annancy Story “In A Before Time . . .” way to ask . . . Are you walking bigger Victoria, almost even bumping into time? What new BIG awesomeness is about to come from you?

  13. I’m not so lucky myself. For one thing, I am following you, but my wordpress doesn’t update me. I keep trying to fix it but it gets undone all the time 😦
    I hope the flow of luck goes better for you. But I think it’s just the bad luck that seems to stand out more than the good fortune. It’s always like that. It’s not that we’re unlucky, just we haven’t noticed our luck maybe.

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