Music, Sunday Songs

Sunday Songs

iTunes gave one of their songs away free and I instantly loved it. Their album is great and if you like Paramore you will love them.

We are the in Crowd – Kiss me Again

Roxanne Emery is a new singer songwriter on the scene and makes cute catchy pop songs. Her EP is full of gems. This is a stripped down version of All that I am:

Fans of Ed Sheeran will enjoy Nina Nesbitt’s debut EP. She’s a folky pop singer and this is The Apple Tree:

I can’t stop humming  this song!

Fun – We are Young

What have you been listening to?



7 thoughts on “Sunday Songs”

      1. Hahaha, I do know what you mean – it took me a couple of years before I got into Rufus. I had even bought a couple of albums but it just didn’t click for quite a while. His new album is a lot more upbeat and catchy, probably a good album to try and get into him with, if ever there was one.

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