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My new routine

For almost seven years, I got up at 6.15am, caught a train an hour later then got on the Tube (with a change) then walked to my work and did it all again at 5.30pm, five days a week. I was out of the house twelve hours a day. For the last month, I’ve had no commute. I can do my job wherever I want at whatever time a want. It’s felt really strange not having a set routine after so long. It’s like my body is adjusting to not moving at fast speed all the time. I’ve actually felt more tired this month, I think everything is shutting down and trying to grab as much rest as possible after being at full pace for so long.

It’s helped that the weather over here has been completely miserable. With the rain hammering against the window, it’s far easier to open up the computer and write as I’m not longing to be outside. But I’ve also been ill this week and this has slowed down my work rate – yesterday, I watched films all afternoon. But I’m learning to focus on the good things like finishing my first draft and not the lack of activity yesterday. Sometimes you just have to take a break.

The more I sit and write, the more I’m convinced this is what I want to do forever. If God, the universe, the publishing industry, fate etc allow me to obviously. I need to take on some part time work soon so I don’t obliterate any savings but right now I’m enjoying my full-time writing. And I’m building my own routine. Luckily, I don’t tend to sleep particularly well – I lost the ability to lie in until 10am when I left uni so I’m getting to it early, dividing my time between writing, languishing on the internet, watching the rain drip down the window and reading like any good writer does πŸ™‚

It’s amazing how quickly we can adjust to change. I don’t really miss working. I think as an only child I’m self-built to handle being alone working, and when you fill your days coming up with characters and stories, you’re never really alone anyway. I just hope that my new routine can last because the longer I spend my days like this, the more the thought of full-time working in an office for someone else again feels me with dread!

I think my next task is finding some writers nearby I can meet up with for coffee, I mean to work with, of course!

Have you ever had to set a new routine for yourself?



25 thoughts on “My new routine”

  1. Well done on getting into a routine and must be so liberating not having to do a grueling commute every day. It’s a similar to one I do and looking forward to the day I can concentrate on writing full time. I’m sure that you will start feeling better soon, whenever I stop that’s when I catch every bug/ailment going and end up with a migraine for a few days. As for routines, I have now set myself up with an office so whenever I go up there I know it’s time to knuckle down. But I make sure it’s also kitted out with candles, coffee and chocolate for the moments of desperation!

  2. That is part of my struggle. I need a slightly stricter routine than I have at the moment. But, day by day I am figuring it out. I find I get more writing done in the mornings, so if I have not written by 3:00 then my day goes to waste. But, wasted days reading and watching tv are not wastes. Sometimes you just need time off.

  3. I lost my job in June 2010 and haven’t been able to land another since. I feel God has something in store for me. I’ve been able to spend time with family and slow down a bit. I have also been given time to write, something I didn’t have before. I’ve finished a novel, started on two more. Have written short stories. It’s difficult because in the back of my mind I know I need a job, even if it’s part time, but I love that I have time to delve into my characters, my stories…to do what I love most. Sometimes it takes the universe stepping in to do what is best for us. I applaud you on your change. I hope you feel better soon. Can’t wait to read some of your published works!

  4. I loved setting a new routine when I started freelancing! So liberating. But I found I actually felt guilty for the first little while. I felt like I “should” be working the same hours as everyone else and not be enjoying myself so much. Once I got over that, I loved my new routine even more πŸ™‚ Enjoy this new phase!

  5. Wow. That’s awesome. Really, I think we all have to look at our routines sometimes to see how/if we should change them up. At least for me. I’m a creature of habit, so I’m not really liking to change things…but then, when I’m forced to, I like it. So, it’s nice to “change things up” once in a while—which is weird for me to say still–to keep the creative juices flowing, you know?

    Great post!! Have a SUPER Day!

  6. Oh, yes, I am constantly adjusting my routine based on my kids’ schedules. It hasn’t been about me for 9 years or so. We’re winding down the school year and they’ll be on summer vacation in 6 weeks. I won’t be on the go as much; however I will have them every day. All day.

    During the school year I get an hour lunch break where I am home all by myself and that is usually when I do my blogging. That won’t be the case come summer, so I have to adjust accordingly. Plus they have to go to bed early on school nights, which allows me an extra hour at night to play catch-up. But in the summer, they’ll be up later, and that means no quiet time for me!

    Then, come end of August, school starts up and I have to change my routine again.

    Your full-time writing schedule sounds heavenly. Take it from someone who knows–treasure every minute (it sounds like you are, but I’m just reinforcing it for you πŸ™‚ ) It disappears too quickly!

  7. Yay on the new routine!! I don’t have a real set routine (apart from finishing by 6 & taking an hour off for lunch – but that’s because I also work part-time) but I just think that you’ve gotta do what’s right for YOU.
    I still crave to work as a writer full-time, though!

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