Music, Sunday Songs

Sunday Songs

This song was on the first episode of Hart of Dixie, which they just started showing here.

Sugarland – Little Miss

I love Debra Arlyn and her new song La La La is cute and catchy:

Rebecca Ferguson’s album is gorgeous and this is the latest single from it – Glitter & Gold

The Pretty Reckless are one of my favourite bands and this is their new song – Hit me like a Man:

Any suggestions for me?




11 thoughts on “Sunday Songs”

  1. Wow, that Debra Arlyn song is fun. Never heard of her. I’m listening to Kelly Clarkson’s Stronger lately. Man, that girl can sing!!!!!! And she’s right. What doesn’t kill us DOES make us stronger. Right? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hmmm…no suggestions here, sorry. But I love Rachel Bilson, she is just too cute. I haven’t really watched the show too much. Looks soapy, but that can be fun when you’re in the mood for it. Do you like it?

    1. I’ve only seen the first episode as I think we’re behind you guys – I quite enjoyed it, it was easy to watch. I feel like you have to give TV series a few weeks to know for sure if you’re into it or not!

      1. You’re right, it takes a while for a TV show to get it’s legs. It’s almost done with the first season here, I think.

  3. I like the Sugarland song a lot too. Wish I had time to watch Heart of Dixie it looks very charming. ๐Ÿ™‚

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