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The future’s not bright, its dystopian

If you read YA books like me then you should be pretty scared about what the future might bring. According to the new dystopian trend, it could give us a scary reality TV show (The Hunger Games), arranged marriages (Matched), or a queen that will try to suck the life out of you (The Pledge). Or it might be the world shown in the Divergent series by Veronica Roth – a society spilt into factions you choose based on a simulation affinity test.

Whatever it brings, it looks pretty bleak.

I love dystopian fiction – they are always imaginative, stark and scary. Even if the future is nothing like they predict, they are guaranteed to keep you on the edge of you seat. And they tend to include things that could happen, making you think about the direction our society might go in one day especially if there’s another World War. But mostly I enjoy their escapism and dark danger and the strong central characters that will do anything to survive. People you can really root for.

I’m pretty sure if you suddenly transported me to one of these future worlds, I’d fail miserably at surviving πŸ™‚

I just finished the sequel to Divergent – Insurgent. I was nervous about the sequel as I loved Divergent so much but it was better than I hoped. Both books are thrilling page turners and the sequel has a mighty cliff hanger at the need. If you like dystopian fiction or just a cracking good read, don’t miss this series. I might get shot for saying this but I think I like it more than The Hunger Games πŸ™‚

I think this YA trend might go the same way as vampires soon but for now, there’s some great books out there to read. And hopefully more films like The Hunger Games. I’d love to see Divergent on the big screen! I just hope that none of these stories get the future right because that would mean the world is going to become a very scary place πŸ™‚

Any recommendations for dystopian books I should read?



8 thoughts on “The future’s not bright, its dystopian”

  1. I have DIVERGENT sitting on my bookshelf (yes, I still have a physical shelf with books!!). The cover is so amazing and since I’m such a shallow person I’ve been dying to get to it. Now that you’ve mentioned the sequel is a good read, I think I might give it a go. After the fiction-writing guide book I’m currently reading, and the library book I borrowed called THE IMMORTAL LIFE OF HENRIETTA LACKS, and Hunger Games #2 … Eek–I’m such a mess.

    I’m starting to love dystopian too. YA, of course, because teens are soo much more exciting than boring adults such as myself. πŸ˜‰

  2. Dystopian books are so fun to read! I loved The Hunger Game series, and so did Babe. I bought Graceling for her, and she really enjoyed it. She passed it on to another friend who really liked it, and has now read the whole series, so I guess you should try it. I really couldn’t get into Graceling. If I’m not hooked by the 5th page or so, I toss the book. They’re a bit more patient.
    Divergent has been on our to read list for a while. You just gave me a good nudge. I guess I should get to it!
    Btw, I haven’t been seeing you on my to-read blog list for some reason, so I had to search you out. Weird, right?!

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