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Capturing moments

When I did some clearing out this week, I found some old photos. It got me thinking how I don’t place as much importance on photos anymore – you can take them far more easily now, I can use my phone or digital camera or even my laptop but I don’t bother as much. I think it’s because they end up sitting on these devices, never to be looked at again. I used to get excited collecting prints from Boots wondering how they had come out and laughing at ones I didn’t even remember taking. Now I just don’t bother printing that many out.

I’ve decided I need to make myself take more photos and at least share them on here so they aren’t forgotten forever. I went outside on Saturday for the first time in like a week as the sun finally came out. I didn’t go anywhere exciting – just a garden centre but I got some much needed fresh air and was inspired by the pretty flowers and took a couple of photos. When I got home, I decided to make use of the new photo technology and jazz them up a bit.

I checked out Instagram but I prefer two older photo apps actually – Camera+ and ShakeitPhoto. Here are the results:

And here was my self-portrait. You really can jazz up any photo πŸ™‚

Photos capture moments. I must remember to capture mine.

Do you miss printed photos? How do you use photos now?



15 thoughts on “Capturing moments”

  1. I really miss printing photos…but as many as I take it would be really expensive and I wouldn’t have enough room to store them! Love your snazzy shoes self portrait!

  2. I do agree with you about photos, but where they really score is when you look at the old one’s when you were a child, or your mum and dad as young peole etc. Then they can be really evocative, but I tend to avoid holiday snaps for the reasons you do

  3. I am more into photos now than ever! I do print them out. I have boxes of them that I never look at from years ago, but go through my digital ones and share them all the time!
    Love yours!

  4. I’ve just had a similar revelation, I bought a digital camera a few years ago after using 35mm and collecting boxes of slides and prints which remained where I put them. I then started using my phone as I’ve always got it with me but then found that I didn’t bother taking pictures of anything at all. Even trips away and holidays I would always return home thinking I wish I had taken some pictures. About a month ago I dug the digital camera out of the drawer and have begun taking decent images again. I carry the camera everywhere and now find that I’m looking for photo opportunities wherever I can.
    I think it’s the camera that reminds me take pictures and I have so much storage space on the laptop that I can keep them with me to look at whenever I want.

  5. I kinda do. I used to love taking pictures, getting them developed and putting them in albums. It’s weird to have 28 years of my life in albums and the rest on my hard drive. Sometimes, I create photo albums and print them but it’s not quite the same. I do love that I can take so many pics with my digital camera. Right now I have 32,000 pics in my iphoto library. πŸ™‚

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