A Royal Day Out

Yesterday, I went to Windsor Great Park to watch The Queen travel by carriage to Ascot racecourse with my mum and our friend. It was a quintessential English summer day – cold, windy and wet but like any good Brit I stuck it out with my parka, umbrella and deck chair and braved the elements to see her.

The route was lined with fellow crazy English people who think nothing of a picnic in the rain – some even had fold up tables with a full on lunch despite the brisk wind. We were watched over by fancily-dressed police in suits and top hats and with everyone. It was all very civilised!

First, the carriages arrive to await the Royals and they lined up right in front of us.

This is The Queen’s carriage:

Then the posh cars arrive with the Royals. They then swap the cars for the carriages. You can just make out The Queen in her car:

Unfortunately, due to the weather all the carriages had their roofs on and The Queen practically leapt from the car into her carriage with The Duke so we didn’t get to see much apart from a blur of lilac πŸ™‚

Once housed in the carriage, they headed off to Ascot. And when they had gone, we packed up and left.

And the sun came out – typical!




16 thoughts on “A Royal Day Out”

  1. Oh, I am so jealous. What a wonderful day you had, I hope to someday experience the same! Last week I was so glad to hear The Duke had been released from the hospital and was feeling much better. Loved the pictures… thanks so much for sharing them! And the one of you is stunning! πŸ™‚

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