Music, Sunday Songs

Sunday Songs

Jesca Hoop – Born to

A random find on iTunes, I love Jesca’s kooky pop. This single is free on her website as well.

Alanis Morrisette – Guardian

Jagged Little Pill was one of the first CD’s I brought and I’ve followed her ever since. I wasn’t sure about her electronic shift the started with her last album but this first single from her album out this summer is changing my mind.

Agnes Obel – Riverside

I heard this song on Revenge and fell in love with it.

Metric – Youth without youth

This is the first single from their new album. I first heard of them through the Twilight films, I love her voice.

What are you guys listening to?



13 thoughts on “Sunday Songs”

  1. I think I’ve just found a new artist that I love! I hadn’t even heard of Metric before which is weird considering I was absolutely obsessed with the Twilight saga not too long ago. I love her voice too! I haven’t heard another one exactly like it which is something I love :] I’m definitely going to download some of their stuff now! I also have a slight obsession with Ed Sheeran, I only just downloaded some of his music and wow, I love it! My favorite song of his is ‘Kiss Me’ .. It’s just a sweet song :’]

  2. I’ve been listening to the latest Metric album a lot this last week. My girlfriend turned me on to them. Actually, the only reason I even have the new album is because I got the girl and I tickets to see their show when they come into town (as a surprise, she doesn’t know yet) and with the ticket purchase I got a free download of the album.

  3. I’ve been listening to a lot of Jack White and Mumford & Sons. I recently bought a turntable and have gotten into the vinyl way. And I love that Metric song! Seeing them in August!

  4. I just went through one of my old cd books and loaded dozens of cds from college onto my Itunes in prepartion for a trip I’m taking at the end of the month. Music makes everything better. πŸ™‚

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