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Sunday songs

I know I’m way behind on this one but I recently brought Mumford & Sons album and am really loving it!

Mumford & Sons – Little lion man

I just discovered Intergalatic Lovers and can’t stop listening to them.

Intergalagtic lovers – Fade away

I love a bit of Feist and this song is too catchy for its own good.

Feist – 1234

Jane Taylor makes some really beautiful songs.

Jane Taylor – Mirror mirror

What are you guys listening to?



16 thoughts on “Sunday songs”

  1. I love these! I’ve been listening to the Mumford and Sons CD almost non-stop for about a year now. If I could pick only one CD to listen to forever, it would be that one, it’s flawless! πŸ™‚

  2. Mumford and Sons are one of my all time FAVOURITE bands. Each song is so beautiful! I cry during that one, “I wont hold on hope, I’ll pretend to choke, on that noose around your neck” or whatever it is! So sad!

    Roisin – Im Making Fetch Happen

  3. I like Mumford and Sons, and I’m trying to like Feist..trying. I have been listening to M83, Lana Del Ray, The Civil Wars, The Lumineers, Beach House, Fleet Foxes, and The National..along with my normal list of artists. =)

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