Photography, Travel

A week in Seville

The scorching sun shines down on the city

By day, my toes dip in the cool blue pool

At night, they stroll down cobbled streets dotted with horse-drawn carriages.

Jugs of iced sangria and mist emitting from umbrellas keep us cool

Waving painted fans like we’re Spanish, watching our skin turn from white to brown

Walking past terracotta buildings that sparkle under the clear blue sky.

Palm trees float in the warm breeze, surrounding us

Watching people crisp in their swim suits

Floating in the cold pool afterwards, refreshing and shocking.

Fountains spray over hot pavements,we run in and out

Chatting over late night tapas so many miles from home,

Doesn’t seem like we’re under the same sky here.












28 thoughts on “A week in Seville”

  1. *Gasp* it’s so beautiful, I bet you had the most lovely time. At least I hope you did my dear. I hope all is well. You deserve a bit of relaxation.

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