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Love at first read

There are some books that you just fall in love with on the first read, ones that have you frantically turning the pages to find out what happens but also wishing you could slow your reading down so they won’t end. Books that thrill you and move you. I just finished one such book – Easy by Tammara Webber. I’ve fallen in love with it.

My blogging buddy Rebecca Berto recommended Easy, in fact she gushed about ti so much I thought I had to find out what the fuss was all about. And I’m so glad I did. Easy is in the new adult genre so it’s set at college in America and is about a girl called Jacqueline who just got dumped by her boyfriend and attacked by someone she thought she could trust. A gorgeous stranger saves her and they get swept up in a romance that sizzles on the page but also makes them question their long held views on trust, loyalty and guilt. Easy deals with some heavy issues like rape but in a sensitive way with the central relationship at the fore. There’s a strong positive message in the book but it’s not heavy -handed and blends in well with the love story. The characters are really strong and I completely fell for the love interest Lucas, wishing he would pop up in my life!

There were actually a few similarities in this book to the one I’m currently submitting to agents and I’d kill for anyone to love my book as much as I loved this one ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m sure there are faults, I’m sure it’s not for everyone but sometimes you have a gut reaction to a book that defies all rational thought. And I did to Easy. So I had to talk about it! Easy is self-published and the first one I’ve ever read – as I don’t have a Kindle they’re harder to get, Easy is available in paperback but I couldn’t tell – the writing and story gripped me from the first page. It deserves to be huge!

What was the last book you fell in love with?



17 thoughts on “Love at first read”

  1. This sounds like a great book! I have it on my Kindle I should push it up my TBR ๐Ÿ˜€ The last book I fell in love with? THIS IS NOT A TEST by Courtney Summers, this book is wow!

  2. I’ll have to put this one on my loooong and ever growing reading list! I am currently reading Half Broke Horses by Jeanette Walls and I love it (and her). The Glass Castle (her memoir) was such an awesome book that really spoke to me. I would recommend both if you haven’t already read them! xo, Tobi

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