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Inspiration and Imagination

London 2012 ended last night and I had to share the above video showing all the highlights set to a lovely cover of Imagine. I think two words describe these games for me – inspiration and imagination. I’ve already talked about how us writers can learn from the determination and dedication of athletes , how we should go for gold like them and chase our teams, and how we shouldn’t let anything set us back – they break limbs and still win!

But I think the Games offer more than this – in the opening and closing ceremonies you could really see the essence of imagination – and having a vision and seeing it through so your dreams can take flight. And the image of all the nations last night dancing and celebrating side-by-side shows that some things will always unite us and moments of joy and peace are stronger and worth more than a million wars.

Some of the moments in these Games will never be forgotten. The image of Judo gold winner Gemma looking up to the sky and saying “I love you Mum” was incredibly moving. As was the cyclist Gold medalist Jo Rosewell who suffers with alopecia but stood proudly without her wig to collect her medal. Kath Granger who had won three silvers racing for gold with pure class. Tom Daley jumping into the diving pool with his team mates to celebrate his bronze knowing his father would be so proud. Chris Hoy who cried collecting his medal knowing his achievements will go down in history. Andy Murray finally winning at Wimbledon. And that was just team GB. I could go on and on.

Mostly I saw how chasing your dream can be a tough road filled with potholes and self-doubt but it’s worth fighting for. And if you believe and you work hard there’s nothing stopping you from making your dreams come true.

So thanks London 2012 – job well done.



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