Swoon-worthy characters

I think one of my biggest goals as a writer it to write male characters that will make female readers swoon. We all like a fantasy male and good romances need someone we all want to fall in love with. So for some inspiration, I thought I’d share my favourite male characters in YA literature, ones that made me swoon and wish they were real!

My top 5 YA swoons are

Dimitri – Vampire Academy

Reasons for swoon-worthiness: tall, dark, handsome, bad-ass i.e. can beat scary vampires, wise, Russian so has sexy accent, gives life to protect others. Forbidden as he’s older and a mentor to Rose, which makes it deliciously naughty.

Lucas ย – Easy

Reasons for swoon-worthiness: good body thanks to muscles gained doing martial arts, lickable abs according to the girl, protective, able to beat bus who are no good up, tattoos, lip piercing is interesting, floppy dark hair, motorbike if you’re into that, tortured but able to love despite this, good at drawing his love interest, intelligent.

Edward – Twilight

Reasons for swoon-worthiness: Gorgeous, strong, protective although can be a bit too controlling, very rich, gorgeous. Just ignore the fact he wants to drink your blood and that you’ll have to get married before anything naughty happens.

Jace – The Mortal Instruments

Reasons for swoon-worthiness: Gorgeous, strong, good in a fight, tortured but still able to love, falls in love even though you might be his sister but it’s okay you’re not really, related to angels and fights for good, fit body. Sadly not going to be played in the film by Alex P above but he fits the picture in my head best.

St Clair – Anna and The French Kiss

Reasons for swoon-worthiness: Can speak French, buys heroine book on love poetry, good Paris tour guide, gorgeous obviously, good kisser. Plus chooses his future to be close to Anna

So there we go completely un-shallow reasons to swoon for male characters! But hey they are page turners ๐Ÿ˜‰

Who are your favourites?



19 thoughts on “Swoon-worthy characters”

  1. I don’t know who my top 5 are, but I’d agree Edward is up there. And don’t laugh, but there was totally something about Eli Ernest in Jody Hedlund’s book The Doctor’s Lady. I pictured Joe Manganiello, so…….

    Do Damon and Stefan Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries count?! Mmmm

  2. I have the Vampire Academy on my to read shelf. ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad to hear he met your standard of yumminess.

    I fell in love with Augustus Waters in The Fault in Our Stars–it’s a lovestory but not a traditional romance. He was kind, loving, loyal, quirky, and deeply sarcastic. Everything a girl could want in a first love.

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