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You only fail if you give up


This photo did the rounds of Facebook recently and I kept it to use for this blog post. It really spoke to me because as a writer you go through so many moments when you think you’ve failed, you get rejections and you wonder if you can or should carry on. You feel like a failure but this is a reminder that you haven’t failed if you continue writing or just trying to follow any dream – you only fail if you give up the chase.

I love sharing success stories. On Saturday, a girl from sheffield auditioned for the X Factor. She sung her own song and wowed everyone. If you didn’t see it, here it is:

Lucy Spraggan got a yes from all four judges and was instantly trending on Twitter. Turns out she independently released an album in 2011 and after appearing on the show both the song she sung and the album hit the top 5 on iTunes. Overnight, her life changed. It reminded me that there is plenty of talent out there that goes unnoticed but that dreams can and do come true. All you need is an opportunity.

Just think if Lucy had given up, she wouldn’t have all the success she has now. She took a chance and went on X Factor and has shot to fame.

So, despite rejections, despite the fear of failing, never give up because that ‘yes’ could be just around the corner!



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