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Autumn arrives


Tree outside my window in autumn

The temperature cools spreading a chill through the air

The leaves sway in the breeze

Transforming our world from green to red, orange and yellow

Our cheeks pink and glowing

Scarves wrapped tightly around our necks and jackets pulled across our chest

Pumpkins carved, fireworks lit and chestnuts toasted

Kicking the leaves from the path with your boots

Crunching and crackling underfoot

Possibilities arrive with the change of season

Breathe it in, make your wish

And leave the memories of summer behind you.

What does autumn mean to you?



27 thoughts on “Autumn arrives”

  1. Beautiful picture. I’m in the desert out here in Arizona, so we don’t see the change of seasons much. I’m looking forward to Fall simply because I want to be able to sit out on my patio! It’s to blasted hot to right now to sit out there. 🙂

  2. The fall is great! I’m living a little farther north than I’m used to, so I’m excited about really getting to see the change of the seasons this year. I also love Halloween, with all the pumpkins and scary movies and trick-or-treating! I’m already starting to see Halloween decorations pop up in different stores and even in people’s front yards (two months early!)….can you believe that?

  3. Ooo I love autumn. My absolute favourite time of year. New beginnings, colourful landscapes, crisp mornings, big jumpers. Summer in the UK is always tinged with disappointment when it comes to the weather, always happy when things settle down and autumn arrives.

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