Music, Sunday Songs

Sunday songs

First of all, I need to wave and cyber hug my new blog followers! Thanks for following – I’m almost at 300 blog followers so yay 🙂

Also, don’t forget I’m now on Twitter, come and say hi @Vicky_Walters

This week is a boys week – I’m listening to:

Professor Green – Avalon

I’m not a real big hip hop fan but I quite like some of his songs and his album was really cheap on iTunes so I brought it today. This is my favourite song so far. He also replied to one of my tweets so yay.

I love The Vaccines, can’t wait for their new album next week. This is Teenage Icon:

I added to my hip hop tally today with Plan B’s Deepest Shame after he sung it on Jonathan Ross last night:

I really like the first single from American Idol winner Phil Phillips. This is Home:

Okay, what are you guys listening to?




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