Competition winners

Thanks to everyone who entered the Joules journal and voucher giveaway. I asked you to give your journal a slogan and these are the five winning entries:

Beth from Limebird writers: “Contains nude sketches of Ann Widdecombe. Read at your own peril. ”

Susie Lindau: “Warning: Contains vivid descriptions of sex and full frontal nudity.”

Jess Witkins:

“Jess Witkins –
She Reads, She Writes,
She Stays Up Most Nights
She May Divulge, She May Let You In,
But Peaking Before Permission Is Definitely a Sin!”

CC MacKenzie: “Confessions of a domestic goddess, the best mother in the world and sex slave in the bedroom. By I.M. Delusional.”

Hele: “Chronicles of an obese dinosaur”

Congrats guys! Please email your address to and I’ll post them out!



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