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When you’re not alone

I wrote my post on Wednesday The Ups and Downs of being a Writer hoping that writing down how I was feeling would ease some of my stress. I didn’t expect to get such a reaction to it. It was one of my top-viewed posts, it was re-tweeted on Twitter and it received lots of comments.

A lot of the time being a writer feels solitary, you can feel lonely pushing on to make your dream come true by yourself but seeing the response to my post, made me see that I’m not alone. Some of the response came from fellow writers who are also battling but others were from non-writers declaring their support and encouraging me to keep trying.

The consensus from all parties though seemed to be – don’t give up.

I’m always saying this so it meant a lot for others to say it back to me. It meant a lot to know how many cheerleaders I have out there wishing my well. It made my day a whole lot brighter. So thank you.

You may have noticed that I added an image to the right of the blog, and changed my Facebook cover photo. It’s one of my favourite quotes, said by Walt Disney who built an empire on a cartoon mouse despite people telling him he was crazy. I think it says everything we were trying to say. I hope it encourages us all today and tomorrow.

If you can dream it, you can do it!



18 thoughts on “When you’re not alone”

  1. The hardest part of my writing life was before blogging and finding writing friends. When it’s happening to you and no one gets it that just stinks. Rejection is hard, waiting is hard, figuring out what could be better in your writing–that is the hardest. But when you have friends who get it–that’s the best feeling in the world. πŸ™‚

  2. Blogging and finding this great community of writers/artists has helped boost my morale as well as my confidence. It is the main reason I haven’t given up either. πŸ™‚

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