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Night at the roller disco

Last night we celebrated my friend Carly’s 30th birthday by going to the roller disco. I’ve known Carly since primary school and she was the first of us to turn 30 (my turn soon help!)

Dressed in our 80’s inspired clothes, we went to the event in London for a retro night of fun. To start the night we had a few drinks at Carly’s house. Here we are are in our finery:


We hit the roller disco with a few drinks inside us. It was a complete flashback to my early teens when I used to go to the local leisure centre’s roller disco. I hadn’t been on roller skates since then but I managed to stay upright on them. I can’t say the same for all of the gourd though 🙂 Everyone was dressed up at the disco and the music was retro themed. Lots of fun.







This is me with the birthday girl – I think she enjoyed the night, not sure if she’ll remember it all today though 🙂


To finish off the night we ordered a bottle of champagne and added a candle bomb to it. The security peeps told us off as it was a fire hazard oops but we managed to get away with it 🙂


I crawled into bed at 3am and I definitely can’t cope with late nights like I used to, I feel pretty rough today. My leg also hurts this morning from the skating – further proof I’m my teenage years are long gone. It was fun to remember them last night though.




24 thoughts on “Night at the roller disco”

  1. Did your friend rent out the entire rink, or were there other people there? Awhile back, my husband and I decided to go rollerskating just for fun, but it wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be. They weren’t playing all of the 90’s music that I remember skating to when I used to go to the rink (pretty much once a week!) in middle school. They were playing all new songs, and everyone on the rink was shoulder-high and twelve years old, weaving in and around me while I stumbled along trying to remember how to skate. Overall, it made me feel kind of old and irrelevant more than nostalgic. :-/ But I’m glad you girls enjoyed it!

  2. I did something similar with one of my best friends for our 28th birthday (she is 3 days older than me). We didn’t have a roller disco, but still had a skating party. Best part was when they called all of the “birthday kids” to the center of the rink.

    We out-aged the next oldest kid by at least 16 years.

  3. Looks like a night to remember. 🙂 Sometimes you have to break the rules with the flaming candle. And no one got hurt so bonus! 😛

  4. That looks like so much fun. And I can definitely relate to not being able to cope with late nights any more. Gone are the days when I could be out until the small hours and then get up for (and stay awake through) my 9am lecture the next day… :-/

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