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Goals for 2013


As we move into a new year, it’s usually a time to look back and look ahead. I don’t make resolutions as such, I think a to-do list for the year would be setting myself up to fail but I do like to have some goals to focus on. Last year, I decided to focus on writing and I haven’t regretted that decision. Writing is what I want to do.

My main goal for 2012 was to find an agent, which I did – yay! It’s obvious I’m sure that my main goal for 2013 is to get a book deal. I feel both nervous and excited about the prospect of my novel being submitted to publishers but I also know this is what I’ve wanted for a long time so I can’t wait to get started. I just hope the publishing God’s will smile on me πŸ™‚

2013 is also the year I turn the big 3-0. My birthday is in March and I’ll admit I’m not overly thrilled to hit this milestone. It feels like a proper grown up age and I don’t feel like a grown up! Having said that though, getting a book deal in the year I turn 30 would be a brilliant present. I’m going to try and feel as carefree as I can about this birthday – it is just a number after all and try to organise lots of fun things to do to celebrate! There are things I thought I would have done by this age but all our journeys are unique and I will try to just enjoy where mine is heading.

On a more personal level, I’m going to try and not worry about so much in 2013. It’s one of my worst traits and I spent a lot of 2012 worrying – I guess because it was a big year of change but next year I’m going to work hard on chilling out a bit more and not over-analysing everything. I’m especially going to try not to worry so much about what other people think and just be myself. Everyone else is taken after all πŸ™‚

I found this quote and it seemed to sum up this goal for me:


What are your goals for 2013? I’d love to hear them!




31 thoughts on “Goals for 2013”

  1. Hi Victoria

    Wishing you all the best for 2013. Sounds like you are off to a good start. It’s so hard breaking into the publishing world isn’t it, so good on you. Fingers crossed for the book deal. As for the worry worm. I know all about that. Like you, I have spent far too much of my life worrying, mostly about things that never actually happened. In fact, if it’s any comfort, it seems that worry is actually a displacement activity, a bit of a cop out. Worriers tend to worry so that they don’t really have to deal with the here and now. After all worry is future based and a real waste of the precious present moment. So I’m with you on that one. I’m going to focus on the present moment as much as I can, and that should help to see of the worm of worry.

    Good luck.
    Corinne at

    1. Maybe writers naturally worry more then – we have very over active imaginations and often prefer fantasy to reality πŸ™‚ I hope you can learn to relax about things more and enjoy the present – good luck!

  2. My goals for 2013 is to finish the second draft of my novel “Beyond Crazy”, finish a few more house projects, increase my value at work, and try to create some more memorable family experiences.
    Vic, I think you will do just fine in 2013. Probably all you need to do is be a little more accepting.
    Goals and ambitions exist to guide and drive us through life, and time just tells when we get there.
    It was easier to write that comment than it is to live it. If you read the above sentence too many times it sounds like a crock-of-crap too, but it works for me. It still sounds like crap sometimes.
    Congratulations, I am envious of you and happy for you. Continue to rock on, you best-selling author YOU. Make us WordPress bloggers proud. Oh never mind, you already have.

  3. Congratulations on getting an agent this year and I will send lots of positive energy your way on finding a publisher! I think 30 is a pretty great age–when you’re finally mature enough to, like you said, accept that you are who you are and that’s exactly who you should be. I could use a little less worry in my life too, so I might adopt that one. πŸ˜‰ Have a wonderful 2013!

  4. Best of luck with your goals in 2013. I think if you solidify in your head what you want, you have a much better chance of achieving it. πŸ˜‰

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