Meet the agent: Interview with Juliet Mushens

Today I’m excited to welcome my literary agent Juliet Mushens to the blog. Juliet recently moved to a new agency called The Agency Groupย (yes I’m part of the same agency as Muse and My Chemical Romance yay) so I thought it was a good opportunity to talk to her about the new role and what she’s looking for from submissions. And obviously you’ll want to submit to Juliet so we can be agent mates *stern glare*. So please welcome Juliet!


Me: What attracted you to The Agency Group?

Juliet: The Agency Group is run by the incredibly impressive Neil Warnock, has offices all over the world, and already has a very successful literary division in NYC. It will be a lot of fun replicating that in London – getting to help build something new but with the structure and support of a dynamic company behind it.

Me: What are you plans for developing the literary arm of the agency?

Juliet: I plan to keep doing what I’m doing now, building new voices in fiction and non-fiction and growing my list.

Me: How would you describe your agenting style?

Juliet: Very hands-on, editorially focussed, and FUN.

Me: What makes a submission stand out to you?

Juliet: A gripping voice; characters I immediately care about; good dialogue.

Me: What are the most common mistakes writers make in their submissions?

Often people send me submissions that are not the kind of thing I represent at all. Those ‘Dear Agent…’ type submissions where it is obvious they have sent it to every agent in London.

People often really rush the first 50pp. Because they know they have to capture our attention with the opening they throw everything at it and it can end up feeling really overdone. Sometimes I feel exhausted by the end of the chapters!

Me: What kind of books are you looking for at the moment? Anything you donโ€™t represent?

I would really like some literary fiction, some historical fiction, and a high-concept thriller.

I don’t represent picture-books (unless by existing clients) or diet books.

Me: How should a writer submit to you?

By email – cover letter and first three chapters please!


Thanks Juliet! If you want to submit to Juliet her email address is: You should also follow her on Twitter as she is hilarious –ย @mushenska.

If you have any more questions for Juliet or me just post in the comments!



22 thoughts on “Meet the agent: Interview with Juliet Mushens”

  1. You said Muse, and I just got completely too excited about it ๐Ÿ™‚ Great tips, Juliet! I can actually feel myself doing the whole “story dump” thing out of a desire to make the beginning as big and powerful as possible. When I start getting a headache after one, dizzying chapter, I pull it back!

  2. Hi there! Great interview! Quick question: do you consider submissions from US writers who want to break into the UK market? I’m in NYC and have a large following in London/UK, just curious if you’d consider. Thanks!

  3. I sent my submission to the pfd address. (received an acknowledgement). As I was specifically drawn to Juliet – do I need to resubmit? Wouldn’t want to send it twice.

  4. Wonderful interview. I’m so excited for you, Victoria, and it seems like you have found a wonderful agent. Great to meet you, Juliet. Thanks for taking the time to give us some helpful tips.

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