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The power of moments


I saw this quote yesterday. I haven’t read the book it comes from although now I will. I just sat staring at it. It felt true, incredibly sad but also inspiring. I found myself thinking about moments and how easily you can let them slip by. The biggest hurdle for me is fear. I suppose it is for most of us. Fear makes us let moments slip by but afterwards we regret letting it. We usually can’t get the moment back though. We can’t have a do-over.

Maybe this is why I like being a writer so much. I can create moments and how characters respond to them. It’s far harder in real life. It’s easy for me to tell my characters what they should do, it’s even easy for me to tell other people in real life what they should do but it’s never easy to take my own advice. I know that sometimes I just let moments pass when I should grab hold of them and make them mine.

This next quote seemed a fitting conclusion to this conversation. This book I have read and like most books about first loves there is a fairytale quality to these words but I still love the idea of having such a moment in real life. One where you don’t let it go but let it wash over you, knowing that it has the power to change everything but also nothing because you will hold on to it forever.


I can’t promise that I’ll let my fear go in the future but I’m going to try to recognise moments when they come along and do my best to turn them into bigger and brighter ones. At least I can try not to let them slip though my fingers as I’ve done in the past. But if this fails at least I can have happy endings in my books.

Do you ever let moments pass and regret it afterwards?




35 thoughts on “The power of moments”

  1. I didn’t really think much of moments until I became a mom. I find myself watching some one-of-a-kind scene unfold, the boy imagining a rock castle, a perfectly rowdy game of kickball, and I get a little breathless. I’m starting to realize that I get those little snapshots once!

  2. Thanks for this post 🙂 All we ever have are moments, but for some reason it can be so difficult to recognize the beauty in each one. We need to practice becoming constantly aware of each moment, for each moment is our life.

  3. I love the Sarah Dessen quote about true love (for whatever reason, I STILL haven’t read a Sarah Dessen book, even though my female students are endlessly singing her praises…I need to give her a try!). I remember the moment that I looked at my husband and realized that he was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with…and I was terrified, because we weren’t even dating yet! We were just friends at the time! I actually wrote an essay about it for an Article and Essay class that I was taking during my undergrad. Maybe someday I’ll be brave enough to post it on my blog…but I’ve never published anything like that online because it feels SO personal.

  4. I used to reget passing moments, until I turned around and saw another one staring at me. Now, I try to see the moment in everything, and not because I’m afraid to miss them, but because I know I will miss them. This is a moment right here and didn’t miss it. Don’t get me wrong though, some passing moments impact me greater than others.
    Can you see this moment?

  5. I’m always missing the important parts of life, which is why I try to focus on moments. But, yes, I do sometimes not appreciate moments which need to be appreciated. Great post :).

  6. I used to feel that way, like I was just letting the day slip by without seizing the moments I so badly wanted to. Maybe it’s because I’m a little uncertain of myself, maybe it’s just because I’m painfully shy at times. I don’t know what it is but now that I have a tattoo of ‘carpe diem’ I’ll have a constant reminder to seize the day and not let moments pass by again :]

  7. Definitely let things pass more when I was younger. Before I realized opportunities don’t keep presenting themselves and sometimes what is in your grasp today is gone tomorrow. A painful lesson to learn. But it propelled me to act more than I used to. 🙂

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