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Snow days

This weekend we were covered in a blanket of snow. As I watched the flakes float down past the window, I thought about how the mood the snow created felt different to how snow should. Usually when I think about snow, I imagine children laughing and playing, throwing snowballs and building snowmen or I imagine a Christmas are scene where the snow covers a thatched roof laced with fairy lights – all twinkling and magical.

But this snow seemed to create a more melancholic mood. The sky turned grey, the birds disappeared and a stillness settled. The snow covered bare branches and made the landscape seem desolate and eerie. It made me want to stare in the distance and think about life and love. Just shows how much weather can affect our mood.





What mood does snow create for you?



26 thoughts on “Snow days”

  1. I have to say, I rather enjoyed the snow. We got out and bought emergency rations like biscuits, cakes and snacks, and sat and watched some films on TV knowing we had an excuse for not pretending to exersise. Mind , going to work through it on a Monday morning produces a very different mood

  2. Living where I do, we get snow for months at a time. For a while I love it and it brings out a good feeling in me, but then after a while it’s tiresome and I just want it to melt away!

  3. It is very dark and grey, isn’t it? It’s fairly hilly where I live, so I get a great view of snowy hills in the distance. I like it when I’m indoors, but not when I have to go out in it! 😉

  4. We’ve yet to get snow here, but the cold has a way of making me a little blah. We experienced one joyous and strangely warm day not too long ago. I wore a t-shirt! It was amazing how a little sun changed my attitude 🙂

  5. Snow creates excitement for me. I can hardly wait for it to pile up so I can go sledding, or just walk through it. I even enjoy shovelling. I might be slightly insane. I don’t know for sure.
    I miss snow! It’s been 3 years!

  6. I love the snow! Especially since we don’t get that much in the South. The mood it creates is two-fold. My mood is reflective as the snow gives nature’s version of death (cold and beautiful). My mood is also fun, because there all kinds of activities snow allows (skiing, sledding, snowball fights, angel making and snuggling).
    Enjoyed your post 🙂

  7. I love snow! Where I live, we hardly get any, but for me it creates a very peaceful mood. Everything is just so silent in the snow.

  8. I love snow when I can stay inside. It’s beautiful. If I have to risk walking in it and falling, I hate it. But I have had spine problems so I really can’t risk screwing it up again. 🙂

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