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Sunday Songs

The Vampire Diaries seems to be giving me a whole host of music to enjoy. This song is gorgeous and has introduced me to a great band. The Strange Familiar – Redemption:

Brandon and Leah are a husband and wife duo (one of their songs is the theme to Kourtney and Kim take Miami) and they make groove filled pop. This song can’t fail to cheer you up. Life Happens:

I wasn’t a big fan of Kesha before but I really like her new song C’Mon. She has converted me:

Grace Potter makes some really great songs and I’ve been listening to this one a lot this week – Stars:

I’ve had this song for ages along with the album but again it was included in a Vampire Diaries episode and reminded me how great it is. Diane Birch – Rewind:

As you know I do like a bit of country music and I recently discovered Jana Kramer and I can’t stop listening to her. This is Whiskey:

What songs do you have for me guys?





16 thoughts on “Sunday Songs”

  1. Ooh I like Redemption and I’m also adding Grace Potter into the potentials list for Phenomenal Women Mix 2013!

    My favorites lately have been Ellie Goulding’s The Writer, of Monsters and Men – Little Talks, and my niece and sister got me checking out Julie Fowlis who sang the credit song from Pixar’s Brave: Touch the Sky. She’s from Scotland.

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