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Writing habits part 2

Last week I posted about being stuck in my writing habit  of writing indoors. Lots of you chipped in with your habits and there was an even-ish split of people writing at home and those venturing out – some can write anywhere and others have to stick to their preferred place.

As it appeared I might be stuck in a rut, I decided to venture out and try writing somewhere other than my house. I went to London and hit the National Gallery. I wandered round checking out the paintings (my favourites are the Impressionists though I don’t pretend to know much about art) then hit the cafe. Armed with a sandwich, cup of tea, notebook and pen I found an empty corner and sat down to write. Here’s the evidence:


I did feel self-conscious and couldn’t help looking around me a bit. Then my corner was invaded by people and it all got more noisy and distracting. A girl next to me had her laptop out but the rest of the cafe was filled with people just talking and eating. I did get some writing done though by shutting out the crowd and it was quite fun writing longhand again – I used to write longhand then type everything up but it felt laborious so now I just type it out straight away. Also my handwriting is hideous so I always feel like a bad writer when I see it 🙂

I wrote nine pages in my notebook of a new story that I’ve had the idea of for a while. I’m not sure if I’ll use any of what I wrote but any writing is fun and good practice. The cons were the price of food and drink (expensive!) and the distractions. I don’t think I’m fully sold on writing in a cafe. I guess I’m spoilt having a quiet house to myself to write in. I would try other places in the opportunity came up but I didn’t find a new writing habit that day.

After I finishing writing, I walked over Waterloo bridge and took this lovely photo of the sun over London. You can easily forget the sights that are near where you live so I took a minute to appreciate the scene. I then met some authors in the nearby Royal Festival Hall and had a cuppa with them before heading home. The day ended badly after I got FIVE blisters on my feet after wearing leather boots I hadn’t broken in so remember that leaving the house does have it’s perils guys 😦


How did you choose the place you write in?



33 thoughts on “Writing habits part 2”

  1. Ouch. Your poor feet! I pretty much always write at home. I am too easily distracted, so trying to write in a cafe always ends up with me just kind of watching and eavesdropping on strangers for a couple of hours!

  2. Maybe that wasn’t the perfect spot (museum cafe’s do tend to get loud) but what a way to find inspiration . . . looking at art, taking in the sights. One of my favorite things to do is go to the botanical garden. I walk around and then I find a table tucked away from the cafe, that is secluded enough to think but where I can still see something beautiful, and I write. Sometimes I bring my laptop, sometimes I write freehand. I love places like that to write in.

  3. I think cafés are nice places to write – you’re sitting still in the midst of moving things. I’n not sure why but that appeals to me. And yes – living in/near London definitely has both pros and cons!

  4. It’s definitely too distracting to do any serious writing in a cafe! I don’t know why the writers in movies always do it! Even if I’m just reading a novel for fun, or studying, I usually prefer to stay home than go out. I tried to get some studying done in the school library the other day, and it seemed a little too noisy to me–haha! 🙂 Nothing beats the quiet of your own living room.

  5. I don’t mind writing in public, but if it’s in a restaurant/coffee shop, I feel obligated to buy something if I’m going to just sit there and take up space!

  6. My study is all my own with a door I can close! It’s tiny and cramped, but it works for my Muse. 🙂 I don’t do well working in a public place. I am easily distracted because I love to people watch and that only works if I’m trying to research a particular character or get a feel for body language or dialogue or something like that. Plus, you’re right — it IS expensive to write in a cafe!

  7. I love writing in coffee shops. I like the little distractions, I do well with some noise around me, I get ideas and can focus better than at home, where I always get distracted by things like: TV, sorting out my closet, finding new music on I-Tunes, etc. LOL

  8. Congrats on shaking things up. It’s always good to try new things. Sometimes it expands horizons, sometimes it proves why the older method is the best.

    I’m not big into coffee shops. The chairs are bad for my back and they are so loud and expensive. I like to write at my desk. Or lounging on my bed. Subways with headphones on were quite productive too. In the spring, the park is nice too. 🙂

  9. My computer was in the living room at our last place, so it wasn’t very conducive to writing except for in the very early morning. I’d write for a few minutes before the guys woke up on the weekdays, then take a chunk of time one weekend day weekly to write at a coffee shop. I tended to fool around on social media more than write, but some writing did get done.

    We actually have a small office in our new place. I’m in edit mode versus write mode at the moment, but oh! It’s lovely to have a dedicated workspace!

  10. I like writing in the nearest park, it’s not like a playground type but with lots of grass and benches. Always calming and you never see people you know 😛 I’d definitely recommend a park type thing, if the Gallery gets too busy 🙂

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