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Birthday treats

Yesterday I turned the dreaded 30! Luckily I had a lovely day so some of the sting was taken out of the scary age πŸ™‚ I had lots of lovely messages from you guys so thank you and I woke up to a balloon, cake and lots of cards.


I had a girly day planned with my mum who brought me a gorgeous necklace from Links. For some reason taking photos of it was hard but you can kind of see it here:


We went to Harrods and the Paris cafe LadureeΒ for a glass of champers and I had the most amazing chocolate eclair and my mum had a slice of chocolate orange cake. So yummy. I would highly recommend it. I really could get used to this lifestyle πŸ™‚


I used the money I got from family and friends to buy a watch in Harrods and ended up with more Links jewellery πŸ™‚ None of the photos I took came out so here’s one from the internet. As usual with me there was some drama though as the watch didn’t work and we had to trek to another store to get a replacement.


After shopping, we went to Covent Garden for a mooch and then had an early dinner in a restaurant called Sophie’s there. We spent so long looking at their cocktail menu in confusion that the waiter took pity and made up two he thought we’d like and they were delicious and pretty alcoholic πŸ™‚



And here we are already looking a little tipsy:


I had a huge rack of ribs and my mum had salmon, definitely worth checking the restaurant out if you’re in Covent Garden. We didn’t have dessert as there was birthday cake waiting for us at home.


I came home to more cards and a lovely bunch of flowers from a friend. I collapsed on the sofa in my PJ’s and ate a huge slice of cake. Bliss. And now I’m in my thirties *shudder* πŸ™‚



34 thoughts on “Birthday treats”

  1. Happy birthday, Victoria! It’s great that you had such a wonderful day. =D All that food looks really delish. And if it makes you feel better, I always took you for someone in their early twenties. πŸ˜‰

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