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Yesterday I watched Les Miserables for the first time and I SOBBED at the end. Yes, the clue is in the title but I didn’t expect to be left in quite such a blabbing mess after watching it. It got me thinking about other films that have made me cry and the ones I still love to watch even though they make me cry. Sometimes you just want to put one on and let yourself weep.

Soย here are my favourite weepies – I will reveal why they make me cry so spoiler alert!

A Walk to Remember


Nicholas Sparks sure likes to write stories that wrench your heart out. I’ve watched most of the films based on his books and this one is my favourite. Yes it’s pure cheese but I fall for the romance between good girl Jamie and bad boy Landon every time. There are two scenes that get me – the one where Landon talks to Jamie’s father and the last one where Landon is looking out wistfully and says his love for Jamie is like the wind – he can’t see it but he can feel it. The idea that their romance lives on ever after Jamie pass away always produces a tear in my eye.



This story about a friendship between two girls throughout their lives has always left me a wreck. It’s that final scene on the beach with ‘Wind Beneath Your Wings’ playing and the look that Bette Midler gives when she realises her best friend has lost her fight with heart disease. And then she takes care of her friend’s daughter … *sobs*

13 Going on 30


This may be a left field choice for a weepie – no one dies in this film and it has a happy ending so I don’t know why this rom com about a girl who suddenly becomes 30 and finds out all the mistakes she’s made in her life – the worst being she lost contact with her childhood best friend, makes me cry but it does. The ending where she thinks she’s losing Matt at his wedding then she gets transported back to her thirteenth birthday and gets the chance to kiss him resulting in there wedding years later just makes me all misty-eyed and warm-hearted. So cute.

Toy Story 3


Sorry but this one is so MOVING. Seriously when the toys realises they have to let Andy go and move in with a new child and Andy says goodbye to them – pure emotion. Disney has always tugged at my heart-strings but this one made me weep. and I’ve watched it three times since and cried each time. Love it.

Charlie St Cloud


This film stars Zac Efron and is about a guy who refuses to say goodbye to the ghost of his brother until he falls in love and has to rescue the girl from a shipwreck instead of meeting his brother as he does every day. The moment he lets his brother go is really moving. The film is kind of Nicholas Sparks in tone but the sibling relationship really brings a lot of heart to it and the promise of hope and love at the end made me fall hard for it.

Remember Meย 


I really didn’t see this one coming – it’s a romantic drama starring Robert Pattinson and the film is a enjoyable story about a girl and boy dealing with tragic pasts falling in love but just when everything is working out Robert’s character heads to his father’s office and then you’re told the day – September 11th. Well, I don’t need to tell you what happens. It was such a surprise the first time I saw it, I cried but even now when I know the ending, it still move me and I think the film deserves more success than it got.

The Last Songย 


Another Sparks story but maybe one of his lesser known ones probably as Miley Cyrus is playing the lead but I actually think she does a great job in this role and her love story plays out against a back drop of her father dealing with cancer. Their passion for music plays a key role and one of the later scenes when she plays the piano at his funeral is really moving. I like how it ends on an uplifting note with her going to music college after having repaired her broken relationship with her father.

The Notebook


I couldn’t leave this one off. I haven’t watched it much because it wrecked me so hard the first time I watched it. The story of a couple from meeting as young adults through to them as an elderly couple struggling with her dementia never fails to move especially the last scenes where the couple die together, their love having overcome all the obstacles life threw at it. You’d have to have a cold heart not to cry at this one ๐Ÿ™‚

What are your favourite weepies?



19 thoughts on “My favourite weepies”

  1. I know exactly what you mean about Les Mis. I mean, I was prepared for a tear or two to roll down my cheek. What I *wasn’t* prepared for was the kind of sobbing that stops you from breathing!

  2. First, I like the way you spell ‘favourite.’ ๐Ÿ™‚

    Second, my weepies: An Affair to Remember was the first film I ever cried at. And Sling Blade made me cry. I always want a better life for people. I live in a neighborhood where the crime and drug rate is increasing and I often see kids running around unintended or I see and hear a lot of yelling. I can’t stand it. I could never work as a social worker because I’d want to save every child and I wouldn’t be able to not to take it home with me. The hurt. Too hard.

    I like your list. You did catch me at 13 Going on 30. LOL

    1. Haha us Brits like adding an extra u!!

      Oo yes An Affair to Remember is a good one. I’ve never seen Sling Blade, will have to watch it!

      Thanks! Haha yep I think I’m weird about 13 going on 30 ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Walk to Remember and The Notebook are definitely on my list. The part that gets me in Walk to Remember is when Landon drives to go see his father and begs him to help Jamie and he starts crying…I can’t watch boys cry. It just gets to me. Another Nicholas Sparks one that got me was Nights in Rodanthe. The characters are a little bit older, but it’s still really nice that they get a chance at love later in life. But I watched this movie before I realized that Nicholas Sparks’ signature move is throwing tragic twists into the ends of all of his stories. The twist at the end of that movie just really caught me off guard…I didn’t see it coming, and I was weeping all the way through the end of the movie.

    1. Oh yeah that’s a really heartbreaking moment!

      Yes I cried at Nights in Rodanthe, I don’t think I’d watch it again though I don’t know why. He really likes to break our hearts doesn’t he?!

  4. Beaches, The Last Song, and A Walk to Remember still make me cry. P.S. I Love You decimates me every time too. I wanted to see Remember Me, now I really need to watch it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I watched Les Mis recently, too. Loved it! A Walk to Remember and The Notebook made me cry as well, but I knew they would. When I started crying during Toy Story 3, I was just like, “Stop self! It’s a cartoon!”

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