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Five Things


The Sea Of Tranquility – Katja Millay 


The lovely Beth from the Limebird Writers told me she thought I would enjoy this book and she has very good taste! I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump lately so it was great to fall in love with a book again. The book is about Nastya, a girl with secrets who moves to a new school. Nastya suffered something tragic, something that meant her world as a piano prodigy was shattered and she’s left mute and full of anger. She meets Josh who has lost everyone close to him and is just an angry and lonely as she is. The pair are drawn together but Nastya’s secret threatens to tear them apart.

I really enjoyed the slow build to Nastya and Josh’s relationship and how she comes to terms with what happened to her. This is a YA romance but it is on the mature side and the pace and length of the story means it crosses over well to an adult audience. I thought the characters were well drawn and the story was emotional and realistic. I didn’t guess the secret and thought the reveal was well handled. It was a story that I was desperate to finish but also didn’t want to end. I would definitely recommend this to romance fans and am looking forward to reading what the author writes next.

Vampire Academy trailer

I’m a big fan of the Vampire Academy books by Richelle Mead. The film version comes out next year and they just released the first look. It’s so hard to tell if the film will be faithful to the books from such a short clip but I’m excited to see it. Especially the love interest Dimitri  who they seem to have got spot on with the actor. Okay fine – here’s a photo of him 🙂


Watch the trailer here:

Safe Haven


I’ve watched all of the films based on Nicholas Sparks books and they are usually an ugly tears kind of experience so I was interested to watch this one which has a thriller element along with the usual romance. I actually think it worked well – sure the film is predictable and cheesy mostly but I liked the fact the lead character Katie got the chance to save herself at the end. There was a twist which I didn’t guess and means there is a tug at the heartstrings at the end but the ending is a happy one, which is a relief after some of his tragic ones. If you’re not a Sparks fan it’s unlikely to win you over but I really enjoyed it.

Don’t Trust The B**** in apartment 23


I love this crazy & hilarious US comedy and am so disappointed it’s been cancelled over there. I think it’s up there with 30 Rock for zaniness and in-jokes especially as James Van Der Beek plays “himself” and the Dawson Creek references are plentiful (and who doesn’t love a DC reference?!)

This Buzz Feed article explains why it shouldn’t have been scrapped. Sadly we only have two series of it to watch but it’s worth catching!

Quote of the week

I’ve been feeling under the weather this week and have been re-watching the Gilmore Girls to cheer myself up. I have also had cake, which always helps. So this quote wins:




You know I love you guys recommending me stuff so hit me up in the comments please!



14 thoughts on “Five Things”

  1. I need to read the Vampire Academy series! I’ve heard of them before and I’m sure I’d like it. (Huge Vampire Diaries fan!)

    And I liked Safe Haven too.

    My new guilty pleasure is Pretty Little Liars. I’m obsessed. And mostly I want their wardrobe.

    1. I think you’d like VA and it’d be good to read before the film! I LOVE PLL, such a guilty pleasure, so annoyed they haven’t brought out series 2 on DVD over here, I need it 🙂

  2. I’m excited about the Vampire Academy movie! Those books are definitely racier than Twilight, but I feel like they really have a lot more going on plot/thriller-wise. I love Gilmore Girls, too! I have all seven seasons on DVD, and I re-watch the entire series every few years. It was such a good show! Did you know that Lauren Graham (Lorelai) recently published a young adult novel? I was just about to post a review on it on my blog. It was really cute!

  3. Hello Friend!!! I hope all is going well in your world.

    I was thinking how much it annoys me when I am watching and starting to like a program when the networks just pull the rug out from under me and cancel the thing. It really is annoying.

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