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Reasons I would (not) make a good spy


I just finished the last book in Ally Carter’s Gallagher Girls series UNITED WE SPY. The teen spy school books are bags full of fun with great thrills and I loved the final book. I would really recommend this series!

It also got me thinking about whether I could have got into spy school.

Reasons for and against me being a spy:

For: I change my hairstyle a lot and this would confuse the bad guys allowing me to follow them and you know take them down.

Against: I’m scared of bangs like fireworks and guns so I would freak out if anyone shot at me.

For: I have watched and read a lot of spy based shows and books so I know the lingo like ‘dead-drop’ and ‘run’.

Against: I fall over a lot, which would not be good in emergency situations.

For: I am quite tall especially in heels so I can spot people in crowds and reach things high up.

Against: I can’t speak any languages so could only spy in English speaking countries.

For: I am always early so would never miss a flight or rendezvous (I just wanted to use the word rendezvous)

Against: I don’t really enjoy exercise so I suspect I wouldn’t get far chasing a bad guy.

For: I am a writer so I’d be good at making up fake backgrounds and cover stories.

Against: I like staying at home. But maybe you can just spy online nowadays?

Would you make a good spy?



6 thoughts on “Reasons I would (not) make a good spy”

  1. The question made me smile, and I’m quite sure I would make a terrible spy. I’m the kind of man who avoids treading on snails and carefully puts spiders out of the window rather than harm them, so all that shooting and knifing stuff would be well outside my comfort zone !

  2. I love her Heist Society series! Your pros and cons are brilliant. I’m very punctual as well so I might snap at my informant for being late. πŸ˜‰

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