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A reminder about the power of books

I’m typing!!! You may wonder at my excitement but I haven’t opened my laptop for over a week after injuring two of my fingers on my right hand. I haven’t been able to use it and my fingers looked like two battered sausages but the swelling is starting to go down and the cuts healing so I’m gingerly typing with them. It still hurts to grip anything but hopefully it’s getting better. It’s been so frustrating though not being able to use my hand, things like eating and brushing my teeth have been a nightmare and my hair has been bushy as I can’t hold straighteners. And I haven’t been able to write.

This will have to be a short post as my fingers are feeling the effort but I wanted to share a small piece of inspiration for any writers hit with a bout of self-doubt – hey, happens to us all. At the weekend, I worked an author signing and she met a boy who had been in hospital. His parents told her that the first time he smiled after his operation was listening to the audio version of her book on the ward. I was so inspired by this. Books are so powerful and sometimes when you’re struggling to write one you forget just how they can touch people. I just thought it was wonderful that her words helped someone who was sick and to be honest I struggled not to cry when I heard their story.

I guess it reminded me how often the words of others have touched me and how much I’d love mine to do the same one day.




14 thoughts on “A reminder about the power of books”

  1. Yay you’re typing!!! I hope you heal quickly and you can do all the things you want soon enough.
    I’ve been thinking of writing too. I have an idea but a great deal of self doubt. I hope I can work through it as it may be a fun thing to do.

  2. Your words do touch people and someday they will through books I’m sure. This is such a lovely little reminder. I also love the image you are using. Take care of that hand and you will be writing again soon. ❤

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