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Comfort films


This week I’ve been feeling poorly with a cold and when I posted on Twitter and Facebook about piling up my comfort films to watch (above picture), lots of people joined in and shared theirs.

For me, comfort films are some of my favourite movies ones that I’ve watched countless times so I don’t need to concentrate on them – they are familiar and generally have a happy ending to cheer me up. Although occasionally I feel like watching one that will make me cry, which is why A Walk To Remember is included.

Mostly it seemed our comfort films were similar – rom coms featured a lot on the lists, they have that happy ending to make you smile but also films we watched as children so they have that nostalgic quality, we maybe even watched them when poorly as kids so they still comfort us now. High school films were also popular probably as they are cheesy and fun and easy to watch.

My ultimate comfort film is You’ve Got Mail. I can’t even fully explain why but I’m curling up now under the duvet to watch it and hopefully be cheered up.

What makes a comfort film for you? What’s your favourite?



24 thoughts on “Comfort films”

  1. As someone who’s been in bed a lot over the last month, I watched things like Suddenly 30, John Tucker Must Die, Before Sunrise, Harry Potter… yep a lot of films from when I was younger, teenage movies and romance! It’s the only way to feel better 🙂

  2. I think my comfort films are almost always comedies, particularly the ones I’ve seen a lot as you say. Anything Monty Python, or Robin Hood: Men In Tights, or some of the silly 90s films I watched growing up like the older Jim Carrey films, etc. Also, oddly, Jackie Chan movies always cheer me up.

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