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The Misinterpretation Of Tara Jupp – Eva Rice

I’m filled with the desire to use all the old-fashioned words of praise for this book – marvellous, lovely, delightful, splendid, enchanting etc.


Country girl Tara is whisked off to ’60s London to become a star; there she is dressed, she is shown off at Chelsea parties, photographed by the best.

She meets songwriters, singers, designers, and records her song. And she falls in love – with two men. Behind the buzz and excitement of her success, the bitterness between her elder sister Lucy and her friend Matilda haunts Tara.

Their past friendship is broken and among the secrets and the strangeness of both their marriages, the past keeps on reappearing.

I read Eva Rice’s last novel seven years ago and the long wait for another book was worth it. I loved this story of a country girl growing up and heading to London to become a singer. It’s full of detail about Tara’s home life in Cornwall, as part of a large family with a vicar for a father and losing her mother as a young girl, about her first experiences of friendship and love, her passion for horses and singing, and how she follows her dreams and heart. It’s a pretty long book and it takes a good while before Tara gets to London but I could have stayed in her world for even longer given the chance, Tara’s voice just captivated me.

The book reminded me of I Capture The Castle, one of my favourites, and is a gorgeous coming-of-age story. The only disappointment I felt with Rice’s first novel was the ending but there was no disappointment here. One of the quotes on the cover from a review calls this ‘a swoon of a read’ and that’s exactly how I would describe it.

Any book recommendations for me?




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